Kynren Season 4 Finale

I shared this image earlier this morning and for every single person that has contributed in any way, along the way, we each know we have shared in so many moments.

Kynren Season 4 finale is here, tonight we deliver what is our 60th live show since this project came to fruitation in little old Bishop Auckland, and what a journey it has taken each of us all on.

Kynren has changed my life!

4 years ago I was drifting, working hard, but searching for something unknown and different, a sense of belonging.

And I found it, not just within Kynren and since then through all the other passions I’ve discovered that drive me on.

But I discovered it within myself, and it’s always been there, I just didn’t recognise my own self worth.

Now I do!

When I write, I write from my heart, I try and recapture moments and let my passion escape and leave it all on the page.

Today more than any other time I want to leave everything out on the page, as much as I intend to leave everything out on that stage for one final time this season.

4 years is a long time, but I recall so much of it, and it’s the moments we share through our own passions that lead us to remember.

I’ve written here so many times that Kynren is so much more than the spectacular show thousands watch every summer.

So much more, the only people who know are the ones who have taken part in this wonderful adventure with me.

Whether you have been here since day one, or you are a first season newbie.

Or like me, you have joined left and joined again x 2.

Or for every person that has left this project for many different reasons because life gets in the way or sadly some of our teammates are no longer with us.

We’ve all done this together.

I for one never forget them, some of which i never even met, but I still think fondly of them, because they believed and backed a project as much as I do.

I know when the fireworks light up the sky on tonight’s finale, and sky clears, each star that shines down on the Kynren stage will be a reminder of each of these people watching over us and continually leading the way.

In this moment I want to share something else, I want this post to reflect everything this project means not just to me, but the people who are involved or who have been involved.

I want to show you the passion, the insecurities, overwhelming pride, and I want to show you something that you may have missed.

This video was recorded on Kynren’s site 3 years ago, in this moment I think although hazy; December time.

It was a tree planting day, whereby volunteers could attend site with their families and plant a tree in various areas of the site and leave lasting memories and tributes to loved ones.

One month before this day, my whole world crashed all around me, and in the November of that year I was diagnosed with depression.

3 years on and with a lot of time, a new understanding of patience and recovery its like it never even happened.

But this video to me, for me, shows exactly how I was in that moment.

On that site, that day, I was lost, it rained, torrentially, I went to try and stay busy and occupy my mind and help.

But I was so lost, but didn’t want to go home, I didn’t even know if should stay, just being there in a moment of indecisiveness.

Watch the video, look at my eyes, you’ll see exactly what I see, it’s a reminder of how far I’ve personally come.

The video also shows an array of memories and moments, joy and laughter, and pride and passion from the Archers who speak on it.

I can see the pride and the passion that equates out of myself too.

Another reference I tend to use is’ Kynren has been a game changer’ not just in my life but in many.

I can’t speak for how and what reasons it may have given a positive response to other Archers, but I also know that it has.

Tonight is our 4th season finale, how four life changing years can seem so long ago but feel just like yesterday.

We all have our stories to share, we all remember different memories, but every time we arrive at Kynren we share the same moments.

And I couldn’t pick a better group of people to share it with.

Tonight breathe every moment in, run hard, do you what you do, and then listen for the roar!!!

Kynren you started as an unknown project and you’ve developed and grown into something that we are each proud to say we do this.

Archers enjoy your night, we’ll see you on the other side.

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A tribute to Team 7

Today is the last show of Season 4 of Kynren, and as it will be my last one in Team 7, my Kynren home of 2 years I want to write one of two articles today, paying tribute to the people and teammates I shared another part of my Kynren journey with.

Earlier I shared a post saying ‘we don’t remember days, we remember moments’, and in this regard where do I possibly start.

This morning especially in regards to writing this it takes me right back to Season 1, when I penned another article in tribute to my first teammates; the ‘Experience Team’.

The people always make any project you are involved in better.

I’ve had a turbulent year and equally the two years before it.

I’ve always had a thought process of moving team to team, to experience Kynren from a completely different perspective, whilst challenging myself to learn and understand more not just about how Kynren operates, but how I operate.

To develop my own life skills and become so much more aware of the person I am, and growing into.

The reason for moving comes mainly down to this reason.

Starting this year, I chose not to move, I wanted and desperately needed stability.

Nothing to do with Kynren but in my own life, and through amazing friendships, team 7 provided me with that stability.

But life can still get in the way.

Back in February and March, I attended the majority of the barn rehearsals, then as soon as our blocked rehearsal schedule ended so did I.

It was only the fact this year I returned back into full-time employment was my reason to return.

So sitting here right now preparing for tonight’s finale show, I may not have been here at all.

Team 7 what can I really say about each of them.

I’ve been here two years, and the teammates from last year to the new teammates this year, and the seasoned Archers that are the glue to any great team alongside them.

What I will probably miss most is the banter, there is lots of it.

Some at your own expense, but when you are getting dressed into leotards and stockings on a particular scene or wearing a wig it will always bring a wave of laughter.

Team 7 are loyal, supportive and they will always have your back.

That is until I move teams next year and I’ll be an obvious target out on the field when the combat kicks in.

If that is to be the case gents, swing hard.

It has been an absolute pleasure to lineup alongside each of you all.

Tonight we will do it for a final time…

Let’s make it another good one.

Tonight is your last chance this season to watch a Kynren performance.

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This season will be my last…

Everybody that has ever signed up for Kynren has a completely different story to tell, very much like it is for every visitor who has attended a show.

We are all associated to the same project but we see completely different things and take away from the experience something completely different.

For me, I started my Kynren journey to give back towards my town of Bishop Auckland.

I’m a firm believer that if you want anything to prosper, you must first put the hard work in first, and I’m proud that I have played my part in doing just that.

What transpired was a genuine love for the project, the opportunities to step right out of my comfort zone, from a step to an almighty leap at times too.

To test myself, to be shown within my character that I’m capable of far more than I ever gave myself credit for.

To find a passion, to be passionate, to find a confidence that can now never wane, knowing that we are all capable of anything we want and are willing to work hard for.

Kynren taught me to try.

And through trying and having a go I’ve changed my whole life in just 4 years.

Looking back I’m unrecognisable to the person I am today.

The passions I have developed and worked on to hone my skills and keep pushing my own boundaries have helped me to grow.

For that alongside many other different reasons I’ll always be truly grateful to a project that is like none other.

Kynren for many is an outdoor open-air theatre telling a story based on 2000 years of British history.

Many reviews have captured the attention of thousands of visitors drawing words of “incredible” “amazing” “wow”.

And I have to agree with them, because Kynren is all of them words and many more.

Seeing truly is believing.

But Kynren for me will always be so much more than just a show.

For me, it will be always about a project.

It will always be about the people.

Us Archers!

Kynren has also brought me to writing, someone said to me earlier in the week they thought I had studied it, they thought I had been writing my whole life.

But no, only since March 2016 and since then I have achieved so much, not only with this Kynren blog, but through it, it has taken me onto so many different opportunities that I have reached out for.

So back to the title of today’s article;

‘This season will be my last…’

It will be.

In cast team 7 that is.

I’ve decided to revert back to my original plan.

4 years ago starting out in the Experience Team and writing this blog, I wanted to go from team to team each season and write about my experiences on what it was like.

I wanted to see Kynren from a completely different perspective each season and while doing so completely see and understand how Kynren is put together and the roles each person undertakes to make Kynren a truly world class attraction.

This season, I decided I needed some stability and stayed in the cast in team 7, despite an uncertain start, having yo-yo’d myself into this season.

In, out, and then back in again.

I truly can’t thank my teammates enough, this year, last year and the Experience team before them.

Through their support I have developed, and in doing so learnt so much about myself.

But after 4 more shows this summer, it’s time for a change.

I have an idea of where I’m likely to apply for next summer, but lots of time to think about it too.

Kynren for me has been a game changer, without it I wouldn’t have the life I lead now.

Each and every opportunity I’m involved with now has stemmed from this project.

I found out who I was and who I’m meant to be, and that’s why I’ll always keep coming back for more.

There are only 4 more shows left this summer, if you are looking to see something truly memorable, Kynren is definitely for you.

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What a difference a week makes.

This time last week I penned another article recording my own personal journey throughout Kynren.

It was a slight undertone of determination and anticipation of what was to come.

As written, my last show before then wasn’t my best, it was actually probably my worst.

So with trepidation heading into last week’s show I was hoping nerves wouldn’t engulf me as I somewhat disappointedly let them the week prior.

As the image of today’s update shows, a better day always comes, and with it, from my first scene to the last it turned into one of my best.

From the moment my flaming arrow projected high into the night sky to my final bow standing amongst hundreds of talented Archers, I left that stage for my final time knowing that this performance went the way it always should.

Leading on to today, I’m in high spirits, chilled out and relaxed and ready to go and play my part in making Kynren everything that it is.

For my team, team 7, last night we learnt for the first time prior to arriving each show night which roles we will be undertaking.

So heading into tonight’s performance I have a definite giddy excitement, maybe knowing your roles upfront gives you a mental edge to run through your choreography in your mind first, along with the sequencing too.

Maybe it could of made me feel anxious too, but I feel good and I feel relaxed knowing what I need to do.

Although, guaranteed stage side waiting to come on for my first scene they’ll be nerves, because I always get nervous.

But through the nerves there is always a determination to succeed or at least get through it and then onto my next scene.

For us, all Archers, the night flies by within a blink of an eye.

You line up awaiting your first scene and then it’s manic back stage, hundreds of people going in different directions and numerous costume changes, and before you know it, you’ll be lining up for our finale.

Tonight I’m in four roles, one of them being ‘The Scots Are Coming’, it’s one of the most iconic scenes within Kynren and certainly for team 7 one of our most challenging.

From Pennant Knights and walking on water, to flaming drummers straight into our fighting scene, it certainly gets the blood pumping in anticipation and once you come off stage, that buzz of adrenaline will see you home for the rest of the night.

Tonight is the first time this season I will be in this role, the funny and surprising thing is, it’s actually a year ago this week that I was cast in this scene for the very first time period.

I remember it well.

My heart was pounding so hard by the end of it I felt I couldn’t breathe, what an absolute rush!

Looking back on last season and even now, any scene with fire feels so surreal.

Tonight will be no different, I’ll come off stage and think, did I really just do that.

It’s incredible the things we do and are trusted to deliver.

How do we do it?

We trust in ourselves and the support of the people around us, and when all the many hours of training kick in, you simply just go and do what we are here to do.


Tonight, weather wise isn’t ideal, not for the visitors coming to watch, nor for the Archers who will be carrying out their various roles and tasks.

But as shows go, I’m a firm believer that Kynren is marginally better in the rain and with so much going on you’ll be distracted by the conditions.

Your eyes are in for a feast of entertainment, so much so, you’ll not want it to end.

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The Comeback Is Always Stronger Than The Setback

This blog is written about a personal journey, one that some people relate too, some identify with, and some that I know read and feel inspired by.

A number of articles telling a story all on its own, often not dissimilar to that of young Arther traveling back in time throughout the years of Kynren.

For I, Kynren has shown me things too that I didn’t realise existed.

Kynren has shown me many things within my character, strengthened my good qualities to make them great qualities.

Kynren has put me on a pathway to discover riches far greater than money could ever reward you with.

It’s given me a starting passion, and then on to write, to love, to believe, to look ahead, to dream!

And with that dream big, to challenge myself knowing that anything and every challenge is achievable, because now I have a stronger character, I have spirit and heart, a determination like none other to succeed and succeed as well as can.

And like the title of this entry tells you; ‘The comeback is always stronger than the setback’.

My setback came 2 weeks ago.

It’s not uncommon to know people get nervous through performance.

I certainly do, even as I write this I can see ahead from the experiences I have taken week in week out to know what is ahead of me, another Kynren show.

You would think it would get easier on your nerves the more times you undertake a role, but for me it feels like it gets worse every single time.

How can someone who appears calm and in control go from that moment to standing stage side lining up for their first scene whereby their heart is pounding out of their chests, their anxiety is screaming out at you not to go on, your legs feel like jelly and you could easily be sick at any moment, and then you go and do what we are each trained to do.

There’s an answer somewhere to that question but I can’t answer it, somehow I just do it.

What I will say is my strength comes from those people around me, the choreography teams to the Archers themselves in all teams, my strength comes from those people and my test of character comes from deep within me.

2 weeks ago I probably had my worst show since joining the cast, that show was my 19th public performance.

I came away from that show disappointed and angry with myself.

Nothing too much to the watching eye went wrong, but as performers and that’s what we are each Saturday night, you know within your own personal perspective how it went.

My nerves got the better of me, and all though I recovered, I was still rattled by it.

It happens.

Small margins between doing something great or just doing something.

For me now, good isn’t enough, my expectations of my own personal performance are high.

And that’s how they should be, I want to learn and keep learning in order to keep gaining knowledge and expertise, by doing so you can get better and improve.

Tonight is my chance is prove to myself that I am capable enough to share a stage with some of the best people you could ever wish to meet.

And when I say stage, I don’t just mean what each visitor sees when they take their seats, the sun goes down and the performance starts.

I mean the Kynren stage from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

We are all performers!

We all perform in our chosen tasks to do the best we can in every situation, to be helpful and supportive, to encourage and share strength and resilience with each other.

So right now, just a little after 2pm, and from the comfort of my own bed with the curtains still drawn, I can hear heavy rain pouring down.

Does that faze me?

Not in the slightest…

What does faze me is not being good enough.

Not being able to get a handle on my emotions, despite knowing that past the nerves comes the elation, that we do this! Each of us Archers playing our roles to work hard for each other to make Kynren everything that we once hoped it could be.

Kynren allows you to dream, because Kynren shows you first-hand and in every single moment everything is possible.

Because Kynren is living proof of this!

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Preparation is Everything

Last weekend saw the very first public performance of the summer spectacular Kynren.

And what a performance it was!

As it always is.

I’m a firm believer that nerves are a good sign in everything that you do, it shows you deep down that you care, and everyone needs to be challenged to show themselves exactly what you are capable of.

Kynren offers this feeling for me, a knot deep within my core, that sense of anxiety, my body screaming at me not to do what we are about to do.

But for all the first scene nerves I have, yes not first night nerves, first scene nerves.

Each and every show, it doesn’t matter what role I’m in, cast or crew, I have a build-up of nervous energy that I need to release, my heart rate must be through the roof.

And for me, tonight will be no different, once you are out there, once you’ve come through your first scene, that anxiety is replaced by a euphoric pride and passion to express yourself and showcase all the wonderful training and guidance we constantly receive.

Tonight sees the Archers return to the Kynren site to perform on this amazing stage for show number 2.

But how do we prepare for a show of such magnitude?

No doubt in a varied array of ways.

My preparation differs week by week, but today, I’ve woken up early, done some work, both for my daytime job alongside jobs within my house.

I’ve thought should I, or should I not write a new article, it’s something I think about constantly, and today’s title wasn’t even in my thought process until 10 minutes ago.

I’ve recharged my body, by having a power nap for the last couple of hours too.

We have to look after our bodies as well as our minds to condition ourselves for the task ahead.

Putting on a performance the world will be proud of as well as knowing we have smashed another show right out of the park.

If you haven’t been yet and read these articles or have only just stumbled across them, we look forward to welcoming you, if it’s not tonight, I know when the time is right for you we’ll see you there!

Kynren may be entering into it’s 4th season but it’s here to stay.

It’s a show like none other you have ever seen before, to participate it in gives you a overriding warm feeling.

To watch it… wow… it’s incredible!

Something I personally need to watch again this season to truly appreciate every single person’s efforts to get us to this stage.

Like all of my articles I seem to get distracted and go off in a number of different directions when writing.

I spoke about preparation.

Right now as I write this article, I’m sat up in bed, music blearing, it keeps me calm, it gives me energy, it’s building me up to get in the zone to do what I do, what we do!

Find our marks, game face on, go out and deliver, to put on a truly majestic performance to captivate our audience, tonight and every show night throughout this summer and beyond.

Behind the scenes I like to think I’m seen as a calming influence, someone playful, very much in the mix for bringing humour even if at times it’s directed at myself.

After all you should see me in some of my costumes haha

If wearing a wig brings laughter, the belly laughs that are produced from wearing bright white stockings is worth seeing or possibly not 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

And once again I digress.

My preparation is everything, the choreography is memorised, bring on the music, bring on the show!

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Saturday Night’s the Knight for Fighting

Season 4!

Where on earth has that come from?

Tonight is the first public showing of Kynren this summer which coinsides with the 50th performance and 4 years on since its first.

Many Archers including myself will remember back to the very detail of preparing for the very first show of Kynren period.

How am I feeling this time around?

Different I suppose.

A couple of weeks ago we had yet again another successful press night, where once its go-time everyone pulls together and puts in a performance that matches all the many hours of practice each of us put in.

Heading into that I had no nerves at all, very surprising for me, as being on that stage, performing, focused, but being very aware there is a watching audience looking on, in every direction, its completely out of my comfort zone.

Some may ask if that is the case why put yourself through it?

Because it’s a challenge and an opportunity to test yourself and your capabilities, and what you will find when you truly test yourself is anyone is capable of anything.

Archers rise to the occasion!

I know I do.

So back to the press night I had no nerves, calm, collected, focused, yet determined.

It’s what we’re trained for.

Heading into tonight, I’m very much the same, but I wasn’t at the start of the week.

At the start of this week I was anxious but not knowing exactly why?

Tonight as every show is a big deal, we want to impress.

Was it opening night nerves?


It dawned on me throughout the week that my parents will be in the tribune tonight, they’ve seen the show before in previous years, I’ve watched it with them on one occasion too, that time I was more watching them than the show.

Eyes transfixed and in awe of everything happening around them.

People often say they have preferences on seat positions, but that’s a personal choice and a myth, every seat in that tribune will tell a different story from the next one.

There is so much going on, that even the person sat next to you will see something that you don’t and vise versa.

Seeing is believing!

So tonight my family are in the crowd and many Archers families will be the same.

However for my family they have never seen me on that stage before, but tonight they will.

Many visitors returning back to watch it all take place again and many more attending for the first time.

The town has a buzz today, the weather is glorious, the hottest day of the year so far, which adds to the feel of every individual, everyone has a spring in their step, there’s a building excitement and everyone is ready to put on a show!

Like with all my articles I drift, half the things I wanted to say I haven’t even covered, I’d like to think I will write more this season from the last, but time will only tell on that one.

I’m at my most relaxed after I’ve written so this is a kind of therapy to me too.

But on a final note I want to talk about something that I hoped to start with in this article.

I want to talk about where we’ve come from.

Tonight as mentioned it’s our 50th public show, heading into its 4th season too.

But before then from idea, to planning, to pitching, to recruitment, to construction, and training and delivering what is only described from each person who attends is quite brilliant and many more adoring words.

Remember why you started!

Together anything is achievable, Kynren is the proof of this.

Good luck to all involved, to the cast and the crew, all the traders who will be working tirelessly too, breathe, enjoy it, and smile through it.

And when those final fireworks light up the night sky I will look to the stars and remember all of those people who won’t be there to share the stage alongside all the many who do and remember without their hard work, belief and dedication, Kynren would not be the Kynren we have today.

I’ll see you on the other side.

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