Eleven Arches gets the official go ahead

June 2015 – Eleven Arches got the official go ahead from Durham County Council. 

What an exciting day it was for those that had planned it, imagined it and worked so hard to achieve it.


For me as a resident of Bishop Auckland I knew it had the potential to be something brilliant for the town I live in. Hopefully it would encourage more people to visit the area and potentially create more jobs, and more money spent within our town. But what it was all about at that time I wasn’t too sure either.

From the article written by The Northern Echo they wrote “The project was described as a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to rejuvenate Bishop Auckland, which supporters say could create hundreds of jobs and be worth about £9m-a-year to the local economy”.

And thinking back I was hopeful, we as a town were hopeful but would it actually happen?

Honestly I wasn’t 100% sure.

For more information on The Northern Echo article please click the attached link http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/13219282.Bishop_Auckland_s___24m_Eleven_Arches_project_gets_the_go_ahead/?ref=twtrec

Photos supplied with permission from Eleven Arches.

For more information about the project please visit Eleven Arches website and Facebook pages.