First Airing of the Kynren Advert on Television

November 2015 – First showing of the advert on National television and release of ticket sales on their website.


Over this weekend the team at Eleven Arches were working increasingly hard to ensure everyone who followed their Facebook page and all volunteers who had signed up, to tell all and everybody about the first showing of the ‘Kynren’ advert.

I knew about, everyone knew about it, I even had to endure the end of the X Factor so not to miss it.

And here it was;

For me, it was certainly worth waiting for, I think I rewinded it back half a dozen times just to see if I missed anything, epic would be a word I used, amazing would be another.

I had to be part of this, after all this was being built and produced in my hometown.

How do I volunteer?

Photos and video supplied with permission from Eleven Arches.

For more information about the project please visit Eleven Arches website and Facebook pages.