I Became a Volunteer

21st November 2015 – When I became a volunteer.

After seeing the first showing of the advert I knew at that point that all the excuses I made were exactly that, excuses, why couldn’t I become a volunteer, give the project a year see what it’s all about, I might even enjoy it.

On Saturday 21st November I attended an Eleven Arches ‘Open Day’ but the big question was what did I want to do?

Having watched the advert I thought about joining the Show Team and becoming a soldier, I liked the thought of that, being on stage, stepping out of my comfort zone and playing a small part in the background of the main production.

When I attended I looked at the various teams, and what roles that were available in each, and although each team looked interesting I had my heart set on becoming an actor, or so I thought.

I sat down with the Eleven Arches staff within the ‘Show Team’ and suddenly realised an acting part was so much more than just playing one role, if you were a soldier, you’d also be a Viking, a Roman, you’d be dancing on stage to various different routines, a lot of work ahead and could I have done it? Definitely, I believe anyone can be anyone, anyone can do anything, but you have to work hard for it.

So that was me, signed up for the Show Team, feeling quite proud of myself.


That was until I noticed something on the Experience Team’s role sheet that I then asked a question to Claire Byers the team’s leader, what role is a busker?

Not what you’d think? It wasn’t bringing a guitar with you and playing some Ed Sheeran tracks. It was an opportunity to step into character whether that was a Roman, a Knight or a Viking etc. It was to walk around and meet and greet visitors and welcome them to our town.

This interested me more than being on stage, so I went into the Open Day wanting to be an actor and came out with an opportunity to showcase myself as well as showcasing the project. Very happy and lots to look forward too.

For more information about the project please visit Eleven Arches website and Facebook pages.