What does the project mean to me?

In previous blog posts I’ve mentioned reasons on why I didn’t initially volunteer right through to the reasons why I did.

I’ve spoken about the opportunities it is creating for Bishop Auckland and the County Durham region, but what does the project mean to me?

For me personally it’s something that I’ve been searching for, for 2/3 years, something to fill my time in away from work and keep me occupied.

Like a hobby.

Having considered joining sports and social clubs or taking up a new interest, becoming a volunteer on this project now ticks all of the boxes.

As a volunteer in whichever the many teams and roles that are on offer that bring ‘Kynren’ together, a successful show, there is so much more on offer as a volunteer.

As a volunteer, you’re giving up some of your valuable free time to be part of something special to be part of our rich heritage and be part of our new history.

The sense of community spirit is richly flowing throughout each team, and spreads amongst us as after all we are the ‘Archers’

The project is bringing people together, of all ages, social clubs are forming and coffee mornings and nights out are being arranged.

New friendships are forming.

The ability to talk openly to a new friend that you’ve only just met about what this project means to you, and what you are looking forward too the most.

There’s passion, loads of it in every single volunteer, everyone wants to do well, and work together to create something wonderful that will continue to grow and thrive for generations to come.

So for me, what does this project mean?

It means, the ability to try and learn something new, train and learn new life skills.

It means, getting out there and meeting new and interesting people who you might have previously walked past in the street without even realising you have so much in common with.

It means, giving back to the community and the place you live in.

It means, making the difference to people’s lives and most importantly your own.

Eleven Arches is an exciting project and I’m proud to be a part of it.

For more information on this project or if you to would like to volunteer please visit their website: http://www.elevenarches.org