General Rehearsal Weekend

Over the weekend of Friday 6th to Sunday 8th May, the Kynren show brought together all of the volunteers, of varying teams and roles for the first General Rehearsal.

Lots of excitement built up heading into the weekend, everyone wanted to just be involved and see what the other teams have been learning over the long Winter months of training.

A community of over 1000 volunteers coming together to showcase what Kynren is going to become in the next couple of months is thrilling.

As I couldn’t make the Friday Rehearsal date I sat on the sidelines to hear how amazing it was from comments and updates from volunteers I know on the project, I was delighted for them, but envious too.

Saturday 7th came, I couldn’t wait if I was honest, up early, bag packed ready in preparation, there was one problem, I was too early to leave the house, I had time to kill but just wanted to go, to get stuck in with any tasks the team required me to do.

Today wasn’t just a General Rehearsal but it was also a Celebration on how far the project and the volunteers had come, with Eleven Arches holding a Celebratory Lunch on the site. I was already there before a lot of the volunteers were turning up for the lunch, as I was involved in varying duties on site, the buzz and excitement was unreal.

You hear the phase “time stands still” not on this site, “time flies when your having fun” is certainly more appropriate.

With what felt like minutes, hours had passed and it was time for me to leave briefly to head off site and attend another Let’s Circus Training session, working on our showman skills ready for welcoming all of the visitors to the shows.

After the training, we headed back onto site where not only we carried out some marshalling duties but we got to witness some of the amazing scenes right before our eyes, something tells me its going to be special and be the most talked about UK show from July onwards.

The cast have been clearly working hard, and they look amazing, really talented.

Having been on site from 10am it was a very long day when I left at around 10.30pm, tired, aching and not being able to take my smile from my face, building on team spirit and meeting new people too.

I couldn’t sleep, completely exhausted, but still couldn’t sleep, I was buzzing, I couldn’t switch off, I needed sleep as I was on site again for 9.30am, but nothing worked until finally I drifted off.

Sunday morning came, bright sunshine, and although I only had a few hours sleep, I was wide awake at 6am. Wide awake at 6am on a Sunday morning? Seriously?

And of that fact, again I couldn’t wait to go back, its a feeling that all of the volunteers are having, the Kynren site is our second home, or it will be once the remaining Construction works are complete.

It’s a special place, once your on site, certainly as a local you can see all of the landmarks, Auckland Castle, the Viaduct etc, but it just feels different, it feels as though you are somewhere else, it feels special, as it is special.

To learn more about the project please visit Eleven Arches website and Facebook pages.