The Volunteers

I have spoken a lot in previous posts about the Experience team, my team, but what i’d like to share with you all is who are the volunteers and what groups do they make up.

Because without one team, the shows won’t function as well as they are going too, we really are one big family made up of a number of different teams.

Costume Team

costume team

This team’s quality of work, you cannot fail to be impressed, the amount of dedicated hours each volunteer has put in, their workmanship is to the highest standard.

Props Team

Props Team

For me, the work that this team has carried out is second to none. If I was more creative I would have loved to have joined this team, the shields are outstanding.

Estates Team

Estates Team

A valiant effort by the Estates team volunteers, from planting trees to getting the site’s landscape ready.

Technical Team

Technical Team

The Technical team will keep the show going by co-ordinating all the music and lighting.

Cavalry Team

cavalry team

The Cavalry team have worked so many hours to ensure the riders are ready to perform on the fabulous horses you will see on show nights.

Show Team and Go Teams

Show Team

These are the volunteers you are here to see, the main act, of which these volunteers are super talented, supported by the Go Team who will keep them right, and in position ready for their next scenes.

Combat Team

Combat Team

Again, as per the show team, started as volunteers and now amazing actors who will take part in all of the battle scenes.

Animal Handlers

Animal Handlers

This team have the lovely task of looking after the animals on site.

Diving Team

Diving Team

One role I didn’t fancy doing, so all credit to each of them, they will ensure all the cast will be safe around any lake scenes.

Pyro Team

Pyro Team

The pyrotechnics team are responsible for adding the wow factor to the shows.


So from all of the 1000+ volunteers who have given up their valuable time to either learn new skills, build on the ones they already had, or learn a new interest, these are the teams of people who will make Kynren the must see show of 2016 in the UK this year and future years to come.

I’m proud to work alongside each and every one of these amazing people, the training has paid off, and collectively we are ready to put on a show, we can’t wait to meet you all.

To learn more about the project please visit Eleven Arches website and Facebook pages.



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