My Something Special

Following on from the last post in regards to our Experience team social meetup at The Park Head Hotel, earlier in the week I told the team I had something special planned, something special I hoped would put our team on the map for.

As everyone who was going to arrive had arrived and everyone had eaten it was time to deliver, before people started to leave, the pressure was on, and I felt it.

It was a complete surprise, no one knew what I had planned, I myself didn’t even know if I could pull it off, or how it would be received, as I left the room, all I said was I would be coming back shortly with a special guest.

And so I did this;

By using the Facebook Live application I decided to take our social meetups to another level and do a personal welcome, to welcome each and every visitor to the Kynren shows, click play for your welcome.

Following on from that we also recorded another video from some of the Experience team volunteers too.

We hope you enjoy them.