General Rehearsal – 10th/11th June

During this weekend’s rehearsals it wasn’t just any typical weekend for the volunteers, as we all each received our “Golden Tickets” the privilege passes that Eleven Arches were kindly offering to let a partner of a member of your family or friend to attend the last General Rehearsal on Saturday 25th June. Exciting stuff.

For the Experience team there was even more news as our Kynren uniforms were ready for collection, beige cargo pants, a white t-shirt and a very cool red softshell jacket, we all look the business.

On the Saturday is was memorable for me, it was the first time i’d been able to sit and watch the show, not the full show, more like 90% of it, no pyrotechnics or fireworks but to see the talented show team act their way through the script and it was amazing, imagine how good its going to be when its the live shows, often referred to as “Epic” and I think it will be too.

On this particular night, watching from the tribune, it rained, not just a shower, it didn’t stop it just kept raining, all night. And you know what it was actually better that it was, from standing on our duties marshalling various areas of the site, it isn’t any fun, standing in the pouring rain should never be fun, but somehow down on that site it is, there isn’t anything you can do about it, but its how you deal with it, how they people around you in your teams deal with it, it then becomes fun.

As for the show it keeps going, and as there is so much going on, on that 7.5 acre stage you even soon forget that it is raining only really realising when your eyes suddenly see the rain in the lights.

The show is certainly worth a watch, not just once, several times, every time, no matter which seat you sit in you’ll a fantastic show, a show that you’ll be sat transfixed by something and missing something else.

When Eleven Arches described it as an Epic tale of England, they weren’t wrong.

On Sunday after the weekend’s rehearsals there no time for a chill day for some of the Experience team as it was our last session of the Circus training, lots of games and entertainment was had in preparation for us to welcome and entertain the visitors.

A particular highlight for me, was when I volunteered to be a guinea pig as the talented two trainers juggled bowling pins whilst I stood very still in the middle of them. It certainly was some experience as I could see them whizz millimetres from my face.

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