May Bank Holiday Weekend Rehearsals

Over the Bank Holiday weekend on the dates of Saturday 28th May through to Bank Holiday Monday being 30th May, once again hundreds of volunteers descended to the Kynren site to take part in more general rehearsals.

For me Saturday was the first time I’ve missed it as I was at the Riverside ground at Chester-Le-Street watching England play Sri Lanka on the second day of the test match that they went onto win.

I may well of been a visitor on this particular day, but once upon a time you used to just go and enjoy the day, and believe me I did, but when I arrived I made sure to notice, made sure to notice the meeters and greeters, the stewards, how they handled a big crowd, noting down tips and questions to ask in my head for when I returned to the Kynren site.

After all the Experience team are the first and last people all of these brilliant visitors will see.

On Sunday and Monday, I was asked to help in the volunteers car park, the role many of our team feared, after all it doesn’t sound very glamourous being a car park attendant over being a warrior or a roman, but actually its better.

Everyone on this project plays their part, we are all volunteers and we have learnt as we’ve gone, every role is vital in the great scheme of things and nothing works unless we are all pulling in the same direction, and on this project that is very much what happens.

Within the car park, yes you are the first people that welcome anyone who arrives, you are the people who give people a cheery wave or a big smile as you are delighted to see them, a role that may not sound much but everyone remembers you.

A role now that I have come to love.

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