Saturday 18th June – Press Night

With only 2 weeks to go before the live shows, tonight of all nights was extremely important as a number of television crews, reporters, journalists and bloggers were arriving at the site to review what Kynren was all about.

Was there nerves, of course there was, but nerves of excitement, and nerves are good it shows a person cares about what they are doing.

It was a big night, as a large team of volunteers in whichever roles we had been chosen, we were ready, as I often say more than ready, the show as we know is excellent, and with the added extras of the pyrotechnics and fireworks its going to take it not from amazing and magnificent but seriously beyond that WOW!!! factor.

And it did, the crew were great, all doing their jobs from welcoming the many guests into the site, and the cast, well wow!!! the cast are very impressive as all of the newspaper articles and television coverage presented.

From the aftermath of the night, the following week was just volunteers sharing press articles and reports, another one to see every day, the pictures looked stunning.

Not long to go now!!!

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