Saturday 25th June – Last Rehearsal

Well moving into the last General Rehearsal that co-insides with the invitation of our privilege passes and the invitation to residents of local areas to the site, tonight like every night it was important, but tonight was almost like a celebration.

A celebration to show our friends what we have all been working so hard for over the previous many months.

The town was buzzing, the press night worked a treat, so many fantastic articles in the press or on the television, everyone was looking forward to seeing from their own eyes.

Those that were lucky to receive a ticket were the envy of all of their friend circles, and there is a reason why they were because the show is outstanding.

As the gates to the car park opened, so did the heavens, yes it rained again, throughout the afternoon there were several rubbles of thunder, and the odd bolt of lightening as the dark clouds circled the Kynren site, but we thought we got away with it.

No such luck.

It rained… And rained… and guess what it didn’t matter, it never matters, because the Experience team are always smiling, they are always welcoming and friendly and always looking to be of help if you require it.

And as for the show, well the show is amazing, but instead of taking my word for it, I hope you have bought your tickets so you can judge it for yourself.

The night was a huge success, the lucky 1500 people went home happy commenting that the show was excellent and can’t wait to come back and watch it all again.

Just one more week to go…

To learn more about the project or book ticketsĀ please visit Eleven Arches website and Facebook pages.