From strangers to best friends

Today is the day, the day that each volunteer and everyone associated with the project has worked so hard for, and at the end of the night, we shall raise a glass to our absent friends, gone but never forgotten.

I’ve spoken many times about how we are ready, and we are.

To welcome 8,000 visitors each show night is really a privilege for ourselves just as much as it will be for each person to witness the show, each of these visitors are the lucky ones, the ones that when it sells out can say I’ve been there, whilst their family, friends or work colleagues may have to wait until next year to visit.

The show is Epic as we all know, tickets are being snapped up hour by hour and if you really want to go, really don’t delay.

So with a mere few hours left until opening night, how are the nerves, great actually, again nervous excitement, and raring to go.

As the title of this blog suggests I wanted to talk about something else, more about the people, the teams, the overall Kynren family, they as individuals are the most important thing about a project like this, because without them the project fails.

For me, taking me back to November, and for a lot of volunteers many months prior to that, I was stood in a queue waiting to sign myself up to be involved, to take part, not quite knowing how it would all pan out, and to get to this day is mind blowing.

So from strangers to best friends, I’ve met a large number of people through this project, I’ve met their families too. I have more friends than you can imagine, that you’ll never feel lonely again.

From meeting Vicky who sat behind me in a team presentation night, to Wendy who was on a training course, to Neil who we clicked over drinking a Guinness with each other at the World Host Training Ceremony on St Patrick’s Day, and these are just 3, many more friendships have been formed just by being open not just to this fantastic project, not just to help and support our town grow, but to be open to meet new people, people that you may once have crossed paths with before walking down a street, or bumped into in a supermarket.

Each of these people aren’t just team mates, they aren’t just friends, these people are the ones that will be lifelong friends, because forever and a day they decided just as you did to take a chance to be part of something new, something better, something Epic!!!

To learn more about the project or book tickets please visit the Eleven Arches website and Facebook page.