The 1st Show

Well after taking some time to reflect on a successful show, what can I say that hasn’t already been said by the press but more importantly by every visitor who attended the opening night.

What I will do however, is take you back and paint you a little picture in your minds through my words of what it was like to be a volunteer on opening night.

Being part of the Experience team one word that will always be used is “fun” every single one of our team are very professional, dedicated and always have smiles on our faces because we love this project and the people who have got behind it to support it.

The Experience team are highly recognisable on the Kynren site, not just for their big smiles but also for their red jackets, if you have any questions whilst visiting just look for anyone in a red Eleven Arches jacket and everyone will be happy to help and assist you.

I’ve said it before in posts, Kynren has a magical feel about it, the same feeling if you’ve ever been to Disneyland.

It’s infectious, you can’t help but smile, once your in the village you get lost in the moment and forget where you are, your head tells you your in Bishop Auckland, our fantastic town, but your heart, your heart takes you away to this magical experience that we hope will stay in your memories for a lifetime.

So back to the opening night, I spoke on the morning of how proud I was, proud of the project and even more the people, and following on from Saturday, I could have not been more proud of every single volunteer.

I think that is where the magic starts, through the people, and just builds and builds.

The Experience team arrived a good few hours before the show to receive a briefing, and to be familiar with the areas we would be working in, and as you can imagine our room was buzzing and raring to go.

A suggestion on Friday night from one of our team was to buy lots of Good Luck cards , write lots of messages and sign them and distribute around all the teams in the villages. This gesture was so unexpected but delightedly received.

The Experience team alongside all of the Kynren volunteers have so much respect for the Puy du Fou volunteers that raised another fantastic idea, to send them postcards from Bishop Auckland to Puy du Fou, to which we heard back a couple of days before our opening night that they loved receiving them, just that one comment made our day.

We are one big family, England and France standing side by side and we will always be proud of our own. Archers and Puyfolais forever.

The gates opened at 6pm and there was already a stream of people eager to get their first glimpse, from there I was in a site access position to welcome all pedestrians walking into site, lots of big smiles, excited visitors, and in some cases the parents were more excited than their children.

We had pictures under our Kynren signs, we had high fives and fist pumps and lots of interaction too.

The atmosphere was incredible.

So from there the show started, the music, the lights, the fireworks, and we were back in position ready to greet our visitors and wish them a safe journey home.

The feedback was as expected and it was immense.

“The best show we have ever seen”

“It was amazing”


Lots of visitors thanking us for volunteering, for supporting the project’s vision, it’s been our pleasure we said, as we get to do this across all 14 shows.

Many of the visitors said we’ll watch out for you as we will be back.

Kynren is so much more than just a night show of 2000 years of British history, it’s united a community, it’s given people hope, it’s creating long lasting friendships, it’s created something we are all proud of, it’s creating opportunities, and most of all it’s created the opportunity to meet you.


To learn more about the project or book tickets please visit the Eleven Arches website and Facebook page.




5 thoughts on “The 1st Show

  1. Kaye

    Fabulous your words capture all our feelings n thoughts being part of Kynren…. Lovely n happy lasting friendships n memories always

  2. des

    Hello again excuse my poor grammar what I meant to say was It would be great if our 2 towns were trinned together

    1. elevenarchesandrew Post author

      I agree Des and I’m sure discussions will have been discussed with the powers that be in both towns.

      As a resident and a volunteer I’d happily encourage it.



  3. Des Wilson

    Well said Andrew I have lived in Bishop all my life and I have never felt this a buzz like this before. Through jvolunteering I have had such an experience that words cannot fully express. I can remember with affection the first time I met all the chaperones on team 9, it felt like it was the coldest night that I had felt. I was cold on the outside but I had afire in my heart that burned so bright and evry week since that fire becames brighter and warmer with the passion and pride that Kynren brings. I still remember that first night when we rehearsed the William the Conqueror scenes and we were short of pages and all the chaperones in my team jumped in place of the missing children and they made me dress as a lady page bearing in mind I am 6ft 2 and 17 stone. The look on our French friends faces was priceless not quite sure if I was a man or a woman and Nicolas saying you English have a crazy sense of humour. Well Nicolas used his own French Humour the on the afternoon of our first show when he said the wind we were getting in the valley was coming from Iceland.
    On a serous note we cannot thank all our French friends enough for sharing their expertise and passion with us and wouldn’t it be nice if Bishop Auckland and les epelles. If this becomes a reality who knows but for me it will feel this way in my heart and it will be so sad to see our French friends leave. However though there help and our own determination and yes sacrifice the show will be a success for years to come. This will be our legacy to Jonathan Ruffer for putting more than money but his faith that Bishop will be one of the key visitor attractions in the Uk.

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