This is Durham article.

It’s been a little while since I last posted any blogs and whilst we have a week off in between shows it certainly gives me some time to sit down, reflect on the journey so far and share my thoughts.

Although, I have written a published blog article for the official tourism website for Durham in the meantime.

How did all this come about?

It actually came about before the first public show, I noticed a post looking for volunteers to write an article on their behalf and as I had already been writing and sharing my experiences in this blog, it seemed worth contacting them.

This is Durham read my blog articles and liked what I had written and approached me mid June to write a one off piece for their website, to highlight what Kynren was like on the inside, to give tourists from outside of our region that all important insight into the show.

I was happy too, in fact I was delighted, and then after I accepted, a sense of dread crept in, how on earth was I going to be able to write a one off article describing what it is like to be a Kynren volunteer, that not only is good enough to be published, but also do justice for myself, but mainly for every Archer within the project.

In all honesty, I put it off, every time I thought about writing a sentence or a paragraph, it just didn’t look right or read right.

What had I done? Committing myself to write this, I’d put myself under pressure, given myself a huge challenge outside of my comfort zone.

So what was it that I was really afraid off?

Was it failure? Maybe

Was it acceptance? Maybe that too.

Fundamentally I didn’t want to let anyone down, nor did I want to let myself down.

The night before the second show I sat down and I wrote from the heart, I thought about all the fantastic memories that this project has created for me, what they are creating for us all.

And with thanks to This is Durham who kindly posted it on 21st July, I can honestly say it was the hardest but proudest article I’ve ever written, I hope you enjoy reading it too.

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