What’s the worst thing about being a volunteer?

I’ve spoken previously about the good and great reasons for becoming a volunteer at Kynren, but what is the worst?

I know what my answer is and it’s a question I have been asking fellow volunteers to see if they agreed.

Although with some volunteers it wasn’t their first answer they chose, it soon became an answer they agreed with.

For me, the worst thing about becoming a Kynren volunteer is:


Without any doubt that is the answer.

The volunteers are made up of people who work in full time professions, in all different kinds of positions and industries, alongside people who work part time or have since retired.

Each individual giving up their free time for the common cause which is Kynren, and I for one don’t need to continue to tell you why we do it, because as someone told me recently, Kynren is now part of our daily lives.

Going back to the blog title, the waiting is the hardest part, we give so much individually on each show that constitutes to even more in our teams, we want to make it successful, we want to show pride in our roles, collectively every Archer supports each other to ensure Kynren has that wow factor, that ensures that you the customer keeps coming back for more.

But what happens after the show?

We wait…

The hardest part of being an Archer is after Saturday’s show, we all have to wait…

The buzz and excitement from show nights are incredible, the satisfaction that individually we all put in a shift, collectively as a team of once amateurs have come together to put on a show, our show, Kynren.

And that’s where it starts…

The long week thereafter, the waiting game, from Sunday to Friday, 6 days, just 6 days. Each and every one of those days you can almost count down those 24 hours.

Each Archer puts in a lot of time, a lot of energy, and are we tired, of course we are, but the adrenaline sees us through.

But each day, we count it down, until our next performance, the opportunity to keep learning, to keep entertaining, and to keep being part of our new history.

Kynren really is the story of us, and we all can’t wait to welcome our new set of visitors for our 7th show on Friday 12th August, hopefully it will be you.

To learn more about Kynren please visit their Facebook page and website.