Parties, Charities and Camaraderie

The title of this blog post sits in front of three smaller blog posts, but situate based on what some of the Archers do after show nights.

I mentioned in my last post that the buzz and excitement that you have, not just for the show teams, which to be them just for one night to experience through their eyes the performance, but the richly deserved standing ovations that they have been receiving must be something special to see, that will live with them forever.

But for me and the team I belong to in Experience, the meet and greet, we equally receive interaction with our audience that I can imagine some if not all would also swap just for one night too.

To see our visitors smiles, and excitement when they first arrive, to families enjoying picnics by their cars in the car park before heading down to the show. To meet new people who believe in the same dream and the same journey that you believe in too.

To find out where your guests have arrived from, near and far, UK and International.

To hear them tell you where they first heard about Kynren, how their friends and family have been and they love it, or from having their tickets booked from the second they went on general sale.

We may be an enthusiastic bunch but the welcome we give is an equal to what we receive.

So, after the shows what do we do?

We celebrate, of course we do.

For those that want too, we head to a pre-arranged venue in town for a couple of hours to wind down, share a few drinks and a few laughs, share our experiences of the night and most of all be encouraging and supportive of each other, we all know we all play our part.

The camaraderie between teams is growing week on week, the Archers are one big family, but as it goes with any large family it takes time for you to get to know everyone.

But that is building with time, and for us residents of Bishop Auckland, our town will never be the same again.

Once upon a time you could walk down the street and not see a single person you know.

Through Kynren, that has changed, you constantly run into Archers or visitors to the show who recognise you, quite honestly it’s brilliant, it’s how it should be in every town.

And finally charities, I’ve always been a firm believer that you should always look to give back, support a project and help it grow.

Support local businesses and look to help them prosper.

And help to raise money for local charities too, so in regards to our after show parties, I encouraged and was supported by each Kynren volunteer to start a ‘Bring a Pound’ fund.

If you attend the after party you place a pound in the glass and all money raised on the night would be donated to a selected charity.

We’ve currently donated to;

Butterwick Hospice

Women’s Refuge


Auckland Hospital Radio

Alongside the Experience team raising money for Breast Cancer through the sale of our pink team t-shirts.

We as a group of people will continue to support our town, through the Kynren project, local businesses and charities, and this is just the beginning.

We are all proud people and we will always will be.

To learn more about Eleven Arches and ‘Kynren’ please visit their Facebook page and website;


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  1. Corinne Aspel

    Andrew I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs ! As a fellow Archer I connect with everything you write and you capture what it means to be a part of Kynren not just for us volunteers but the impact on our wider community.

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