Week Off

As anyone who is following Kynren knows the project has had a week off, and very deserved it has been.

It’s been very important to take a break to ensure all the volunteers don’t burn out as the project rolls on towards its first season’s completion.

But what has it meant for the volunteers?

The main realisation is we miss it, we miss not coming together as a group of people to be part of this amazing show.

We miss the interaction with our new friends and our big adopted family.

We miss the excitement and the buzz we get just by turning up to our second home, the magical Kynren site.

We miss the interaction with our visitors as much as the show team miss the chance to perform for the visitors too.

The good news is from next Friday it starts all over again, and whilst the break has subconsciously been great, the Archers are again counting down the days, like we always do.

This week has really made us face up to the question what are we going to do after the final performance in our first season on Saturday 17th September?


Probably shed a few tears, I can be honest in saying it, it’s been part of our daily lives for months and months.

It will be hard to say goodbye to the site that has become your second home, the people who have become your second family too. Even if it is for just a matter of months before season 2’s training all starts again.

We have 8 shows left this season and the 6 before it have been amazing, performed and delivered to an exceptionally high standard, that will not change.

I’m proud of each Archer, some that I know, and others I’ve never even met before.

To say going back to June 2015, when Kynren first got the green light to go ahead, I don’t think anyone really anticipated the vision of the project other than those who created the vision.

And look how far we’ve come…

We’ve united as individuals, we’ve grown as a team, we’ve supported the businesses in the town as much as the businesses have supported the Archers and got behind the Kynren project too.

The local community has stood up and recognised the possibilities that this project can bring to themselves as well as the town we live in.

Progress takes time, it requires patience, but look what is possible when you believe.

Kynren is not only “the story of us” it’s the very start of something unimaginable for Bishop Auckland and I am proud amongst many that I am playing my part to help to achieve it.

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Hand on heart it will be the best decision you will ever make, come and join us and see how Kynren will change your life too.