Season 1, it will sadly soon be over.

As everyone who now knows about Kynren its now through 8 of its debut season of 14 shows, and whilst i’m fully aware that 17th September is getting ever closer, just now, just this minute, I’ve had a moment.

It would be so easy to acknowledge and then ignore it, but I want to be open and honest right now in this moment to share with everyone how I feel about it.

And whilst I have other blogs to write and post, right this minute this seems the right choice to post this one before any other.

This afternoon whilst at work, as I listen to varying different musical tastes and whilst this artist is a particular favourite, her voice, tone and range have taken me back just briefly to my Kynren experience, all of it, and the dawning realisation that in just 5 weeks and 6 more shows, Season 1 will be over.

And how do I feel about that?

Honestly? Not great.

Its been part of my life since November, I’ve been rehearsing every week since May, interacting within my role since the start of July.

And although nothing really is going to change that much, without any doubt i’m going to miss it for those couple of months before we return for further training in preparation for Season 2.

I’m going to miss the site, the Kynren site that just oozes a magical feel, that you can’t help but smile and become excited every time you know you are going there.

I’m going to miss my role, no matter how hard or how challenging it can be, it’s a huge pleasure and honour to be part of what I do, that helps and supports the other teams of volunteers around me.

I’m going to miss the visitors, the chance to interact and talk to as many as I do each show night about how they are looking forward to the show and how far they have travelled from to watch it.

I’m going to miss families and groups of friends having “quality time” eating picnics by their cars, interacting with each other, and hearing them talk about how excited they are about the show.

I’m going to miss the support staff, who equally work hard to assist all of us volunteers and we’d be lost without them.

And of course i’m going to miss the volunteers, every single one of them, because without any of them this Kynren season wouldn’t be Kynren.

And from here taking a big deep breath, we go again, 6 more shows starting with Saturday’s and you really don’t need me to tell you after all this time how much I can’t wait.

And whilst I acknowledge the time is racing away, we, us Archers, we are going to bring it, just like we have done in each of the shows gone by, just like we are going to do with the 6 shows to come, we all hope to see you there.

The song that pulled on my heartstrings was this:

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