Kynren Weather

Well Saturday’s 9th show is fast approaching and through the many social media updates I’ve read from expectant visitors and Archers alike this is the time people ask “but what’s the weather forecast going to be like?”

Honestly, not good.


As above, early signs say very mixed with expectations of rain.

Not the answer a lot of visitors were hoping for I bet.

Throughout the first 8 shows we’ve done pretty well with the weather, from what I can recall we’ve only had one night of rain, but that was merely a shower which cleared up before the performance of the show.

But what I’d like to share today with all visitors is this, don’t worry if it rains, rain or shine you will enjoy a fantastic spectacular show.

That is without any doubt.

And I’ll tell you why…

Taking you all back to a date of Saturday 25th June.

This date may not stand out in the memory of all, but it stands out in my memory of a defining moment of Kynren.

This date was the last General Rehearsal of the Kynren show before the first live public show on 2nd July.

This was the friends/family and local residents night, and where was I?

I was at the entrance point of Colliery Fields (Car Park C).

The very first time we had used that car park, and the weather?

Torrential rain.

The team I worked alongside that night, we all got soaked, drenched even, but something was even more apparent that night for us volunteers, we may have got soaked but we all had a good night because we made the best of it.

We worked hard as a team and we encouraged each other, no different than any other night, as we knew there was nothing we could do about it.

We had fun, we were all smiling, as we always are.

And the beauty of it all is through all of the many rehearsals we’ve had or had the pleasure to watch certain scenes, we have inside information that when it rains it’s arguably slightly better than when it’s dry.

Don’t believe me? That’s exactly what the majority of the visitors that night said but agreed with me on their return.

In the darkness, under the lights, the performance that you won’t be able to take your eyes away from you even forget at times that it is raining.

You only catch yourself for a brief second to realise it is but as quick as that the action of the show brings something new to your eyes that you lose focus on the weather to concentrate back on the show.

For your sake and definitely for mine in Car Park ‘C’ I sincerely hope that you have a dry night, that we all have a dry night.

But if it does rain don’t let it dampen the night, as you are about to witness something very special.

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