A tribute to the Experience team

Each time I come to write a new blog topic sometimes the words just flow whilst other times seem to be the hardest topic I’ve ever had to write, and this one comes under the latter.

At this point in my blog I would tend to post a photo, but to be honest I haven’t got one, despite the Experience team being one of the larger teams in Kynren we’ve never had a group photo taken before, but by the time this first season is over, i’ll ensure to put this right and change this image, but for now i’ll add this one from our World Host Training presentation evening.


Throughout my blogs I have mentioned that I had harboured ambitions to become part of the show team, the team I first joined.

And only a role that later didn’t transpire in Kynren’s first season led me to become part of the Experience team, and this was the team I stayed in, the team I’ve grown in.

But as they say all good things come to an end, or for me and for the Experience team only just the beginning.

I’ve taken time out of the project recently to work out what is best for me, and what is actually best for me personally is without doubt what will also be best for the Experience team too.

I’ve done my bit, worked hard, a team player, and made personal sacrifices to be involved in such a wonderful, warm spirited team filled with array of people you couldn’t have dreamed you would be teamed up with, the people have made the Experience team and this experience all it could ever have become, and to each one I will always be very grateful for their time, their patience, their support and caring nature.

The Experience team will always represent the “smiles” and the “red jackets” they truly are a remarkable team that add that extra sparkle, that extra magic to an already wonderful showcase that is Kynren.

This team are normally one of the first to arrive, more often some of the last to leave, but those smiles never do leave their faces.

To every member of the Experience team, new or established, simply thank you.

So where next?

For now nowhere, there’s still 4 shows still to see out this season, and although I intend to finally get around to watching this fantastically reviewed show, that has been enjoyed by thousands from across the UK and the World, I still have 3 shows left to enjoy it with my team.

And professional we will always be, courteous and polite and welcoming as ever, but we are definitely going to have some fun with it too

For Season 2, i’m heading to the Show team, it’s time to challenge myself, to try something I’ve always wanted to do, and that is perform, its not about the standing ovations for me, although to witness them from the eyes of the actors and actresses will be overwhelmingly special, but its about having the ability to have a go, to try, and with this Kynren project it gives you options, options to try things you never thought were even possible before, but most of all, you get to join the best family outside of your own too.

I want an opportunity to see the project with fresh eyes, from a fresh perspective and I want to carry on writing to highlight all that Kynren has to offer, and believe me we haven’t even started yet.

On a final note, to all Archers, thank you because without any of you, none of us would have realised what could actually be possible without belief, hard work and commitment.

Here’s to finishing the season strong, exactly as we have all started it.


To learn more about Eleven Arches and the Kynren project please visit their Facebook page and website or leave a review on their new TripAdvisor page.







One thought on “A tribute to the Experience team

  1. Susan Graydon

    Andrew your not going out on a high , more side stepping to keep up the momentum , from a new perspective , from a Experience Team member/ friend , you leave behind lots of fun , great memories and have also been a major part of wkly fund raising for numerous good causes as well as other things , the good thing is your always going to be an honoury ET member ,this entitles you to invites to all future get togethers , as well as attending your new teams , Season 1 was a rollercoaster and an amazing journey to be on with you , good things ahead , enjoy

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