Live Blog from Kynren


When I said I was going to do a live blog, I purposely waited for the show to start, as within the Experience team we have a number of roles to fullfil.

Tonight, again you could find me in Colliery Fields (Car Park C) and once the show finishes you’ll find me once again in the heart of the action.

For the start of tonight’s show I was situated next to the gateway seperating car park C and the railway path leading down towards the Kynren site.

Having fun with thousands of visitors, smiles and hello’s aplenty, and not forgetting about numberous high fives too.

I personally don’t think I’ve said the word “hello” to so many people welcoming another capacity crowd into the Kynren site.

We all know as volunteers the Kynren shows are proving  popular, the number of sell out crowds is a testament to that.

Tonight’s show was a confirmed sellout on Wednesday of this week, so much so that I didn’t delay booking tickets and will be in attendance on Friday evening to experience the warm welcomes of the Experience team to the amazing show itself.

From this position I moved to what we call the zig zag pathway, covering for team members whilst they had a deserved refreshment break whilst the show takes place.


It was here that I penned this blog whilst getting further inspiration whilst I marvelled at the lights, listening to the sounds of the soundtrack and the narration of the show.


As many thousands will have seen so far, it really is an impressive sight.

So as time ticked along, it was time to return to the car park and wait on the return of thousands of visitors returning to car park C to collect just one of 1200 cars parked there last night.

To welcome each person and to be as helpful as we always are too.

You may have seen me, I had the role of roaming the fields providing  any help and assistance to any visitors unable to locate their cars.

Car Park C is based in 4 sections in 2 fields, zonally marked C1-C4.

Its exactly what you would expect from an attraction, lots of cars and everyone looking to get out as fast as they can.

But we thank each visitor for their patience, it’s a tough job, a role that not many choose, but someone has to do it and I’m pleased I’m one of the lucky ones who has that opportunity to be the first person to say hello to you all and the last person who gets to say goodbye.

So based on last night, what happened next?

After the last few cars left the car park just prior to 11.30pm, very good in our eyes, 1200 cars out in around 60 minutes is extremely good going.

We have a mini debrief.

I found an item of clothing that I dutifully took and logged into lost property.

And from there, tonight, this was my lot, done and dusted for another week, as some volunteers make their way home, others including myself head for a couple of drinks to wind down, to catch up with volunteers in other teams to find out how the show has went for them.

To integrate and meet new people, even to this day, I probably still only know or have met around half of the thousand volunteers and that’s if I’m lucky.

In summary, show nights are fun, show nights can also be challenging but there’s no better place than what we call home, and that is our Kynren.

Tonight was a good night, thank you all for coming, have a safe journey home and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

To learn more about Eleven Arches and the Kynren project please visit their Facebook page and website our leave a review on their TripAdvisor page.