Watching the Show

Last night I attended the Kynren show for the very first time, yes I had seen some of the rehearsals but what I witnessed amongst thousands more was something simply mindblowing.

Knowing several hundred new friends were performing in a variety of different roles, on stage, back stage, front of house.

I was proud, how could I not be.

Eleven Arches have described this show as an “Epic tale of England” and Epic it most certainly is.

For me it was great to finally be on the other side of things, to witness and take it all in, the warm welcome of the Experience team, my team, soon not to be my team, but friends for a lifetime no less.

To walk amongst other visitors to the show, unbeknown to them that on any other show night I would also be wearing the red jacket with pride.

Marvelling at the views and of the simply stunning wild flowers on the zig zag pathway.

Walking through the village and even bumping into Mr Jonathan Ruffer himself, the man, the myth, the legend, our legend.

We are extremely grateful for him for everything he has done, a huge Congratulations to him and richly deserved.

As for the show, i’m not going to talk about it, some of you may read this and already know, whilst others may not and will now have to wait until next year to watch it, but its visually spectacular, the soundtrack recorded by the super talented Nathan Stornetta pulls on your heartstrings too.

The standing ovations as there were again last night are richly deserved, not just for the show teams, but for all of us, every Archer.

So its our last show tonight, excited, anxious, happy, yes probably all of them, and like every show i’m looking forward to it, its going to be a great night.

The Archers will be signing off Season 1 in style, no different from any of the previous 14 shows though, each visitor gets the VIP treatment in our eyes and tonight is no different.

As many of the Archers will tell you, “I’ll see you all on the other side.”

Have a great night if your coming and if not we’ll see you all again in Season 2 next year, thank you all for supporting the Kynren project, without you nothing is possible but with you everything is achievable.

To learn more about Eleven Arches and the Kynren project or if you want to volunteer next year (it will be the best thing you will do, trust me) please visit their Facebook page and website.