Season 1 Done

For this blog, where can I possibly start?

Its been a long journey but throughout all the highs and one or two lows we’ve all made it.

And boy did we celebrate it after our final performance for season 1, I’ve been to some parties in my time, hell I arranged 11 of the 15 of the after show parties, but after Saturday’s show each volunteer partied hard.

Releasing emotions, joy, relief and altogether the most happiest time of our lives, it only seems appropriate to drop this song in here right now.

So Kynren’s debut season is over and it really has been the time of our lives, I want to personally thank everyone who has been involved from the many volunteers, the small number of Eleven Arches staff who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes and not forgetting come show nights each of them all volunteer their time back to be involved in every aspect of the show.

I want to thank each visitor because without you there is no project, there are no shows, and we look forward to welcoming you and more of your friends and family next season too.

For new visitors we can’t wait to meet you too, high fives are always welcome.

I even want to thank anyone who sat on the fence, I know I did when the project first got announced but thankfully I chose to give it a go and have never looked back since.

The doubters have driven each volunteer on to work hard, work hard to ensure we become a part of our new history something that we hope will be around for generations to come, modelling ourselves against our French friends from Puy du Fou, the Puyfolais.

During the lead up for last week I wanted to do something that marked our first year, to give back to the people who have played the biggest part, and it suddenly dawned on me that I’d already written it.

These blogs are the “Story of us” they contribute to our first full season, the memories that some have forgotten as we have had so many.

I wanted to record it, so this is what I did;

3 folders with blog specific posts highlighting and recording our journey, one to the Experience team (The Red Jackets) my team for year 1, but Saturday was my last show with them, however, next year they will go from strength to strength as there are some great people in there.

My second copy went to Eleven Arches CEO Anne-Isabelle Daulon on behalf of Eleven Arches and the Archers.

And finally the person that deserves the most credit Mr Jonathan Ruffer without his dreams, his aspirations, his vision, where would we all be?

Nowhere is that answer, he’s indirectly brought the community back together, and when people believe and your team becomes bigger, stronger, anything and everything suddenly becomes possible, achievable.

Bishop Auckland is on the map, visitors maybe coming far and wide for Kynren but each of them go away remembering the people.

We have a lot to be thankful for but nothing more than the people around us, Kynren Season 1 maybe over but this really is just the beginning of an exciting journey for Bishop Auckland and the people associated to it.

To learn more about Eleven Arches and the Kynren project please visit their Facebook page and website or read the reviews on their new TripAdvisor page.