Kynren Downtime

After a throughly rewarding and successful season 1, I wasn’t sure when I would revisit this blog page to update it: mid season, next season or ever at all.

When I first started writing it I never thought that I would have the discipline to carry it on, I thought after a couple of entries I’d get bored, other things would get in the way and although they did, I’m pleased I encouraged myself to carry it through.

It may have started as a journey of my thoughts as a Kynren volunteer but it’s grown into so much more.

From the many volunteers and visitors who read it, who have commented that it wraps up exactly what Kynren is like for them and knowing that new volunteers have and are signing up having read it too.

In the last week I have asked fellow volunteers if they are prepared to do a guest post highlighting their journeys through the project too, that I’d like to share with you all.

Eleven Arches have a strapline which says “This is the story of us”


This blog is no different.

So 2 weeks have passed since our last show, and from an analogy point of view, I can only compare it too a reverse of the schoolchildren’s Summer holidays.

6 weeks downtime before the volunteer sign ups and rehearsals start.

And although in those 2 weeks volunteers have shared many parties, meals out, get togethers.

Some have been traveling to many different holiday destinations too. Recharging batteries, seeing the world.

The realisation for us volunteers is we miss not having Kynren in our lives, weekends just don’t feel the same anymore.

Kynren is like a hobby, the best hobby anyone could have wished for, it’s ticks all of the boxes.

It creates the ability to test and challenge yourself and push you to limits that you never even thought you could be personally tested in.

It gives you a sense of belief and pride knowing your personal achievements reflect on how each show is received.

The friendships that have formed shows exactly what the shows are about.

Kynren means “generation, kindred, family”

And we all miss our family.

As each day ticks by and November can’t come soon enough, we now know what is expected, we were once individuals signing up and having a go, to actors and dancers, swordsmen and cavalry, sound technicians and lighting and front of house, we all have our roles, we can all draw on those experiences to improve, to grow and to teach.

The only question left to ask is when are you going to join our family?

Whatever role you choose, take comfort in knowing you’ll be well looked after and you’ll make lifelong friends in the process too.

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