Visions and Dreams

Going back to January of this year I spoke of how the newly formed Experience Team had a presentation carried out by Linda Moir who was responsible for the front of house volunteers at the British and Paralympic Games held in London in 2012.

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking back about a range of nights and experiences that Kynren has created and produced and this night is no different.

From Linda’s presentation she described how the Experience Team would fast become the face of Kynren, and how was she right.

After all the team with the red jackets will be some of the first volunteers to welcome you and the last volunteers to say goodbye.

Looking back, this got me thinking, it’s easy to tell you what it’s like to be a volunteer, but there are so many people who have played their parts ensuring that we would be ready, but unfortunately through reasons or another sadly were unable to carry through that journey with us.

Gone, but will never ever be forgotten.

Some are sadly no longer with us, and while we miss them they will always remain in our thoughts.

Some were mentors or trainers who may once have started in that capacity but are now good friends alongside it too.

Kynren is bigger than a personal journey even though despite this it is still important to remember.


Kynren was once about Visions and Dreams, not only about the project, but of personal journeys and that box has very much been ticked off.

We as volunteers may have the unique opportunity to be part of the ride, through all the twists and turns and all of the rewards that come with it.

But it’s safe to say and remember that we’d be nowhere without each other.

Kynren is very much about the people, those that stand before you today, tomorrow and the days after that.

But never forgetting those people who also once stood beside you.

We are strong in the belief and support of others, teammates who are now family.

And we care about our own, and always will do.

Kynren will fast become a legacy, not only for Bishop Auckland, our town, but for how in just a short space of time has and will continue to do so is changing lives.

Where would we really be without it.




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