New Blog

I’ve been promising a new blog on my new Facebook page for over a week now.


And whilst this isn’t the blog post I was intending to write, this is a good starting point to post something new.

I was asked by many volunteers after the final show and after presenting the 3 folders of our Archers journey so far, if I could make each of my blogs to be easier to access so a wider audience could read them at their leisure.

Facebook seemed the obvious next step seeing as though most of the Worldwide population have an account these days.

From a personal point for all those who have followed the journey so far you will have read a number of blogs focusing on the training right through to the shows and all of the charity and support work us Archers have carried out individually throughout season 1.

I’ve mentioned before this really is only the start, but it is a platform that we now can build from, not just Kynren the show but as us the volunteers too.

From a blog point of view, I’m astounded by the sheer volume of numbers reading them each day, from across many countries in the world too.

I always knew Kynren drew a media interest, as well as a social one too, how could it not.

Yes the finances may well have been made in their millions to bring this idea from just that an idea to this:


This aerial shot of the Kynren stage and tribune is truly stunning not just because I’m a volunteer but just because it is.

It’s a true testimont to how far we all have come, but how far we can actually go with the support of the people, our teammates around us.

I’ll speak more in another blog post of what is in store for Season 2, but again Kynren needs your help, help from existing volunteers to keep supporting the project, and how can we not, the enjoyment and passion that we each share makes Kynren truly what it is.

If your reading this for just the very first time, or you have followed the journey from afar, click on this link: subscribe to their newsletter, let Eleven Arches keep you updated on all of their news, and one day soon you’ll be invited to come along to an ‘Volunteers Open Day’ where you might meet me, or one, or several hundreds of willing volunteers from Season 1 who can’t wait to meet you, to share their own personal experiences with you of not of why you should volunteer but what benefits it has impacted on their lives from just making the exact same decision on that day to ‘go and see what its all about’

If you make that decision its one you will never look back on and say “why” but it will be one that you wished you made sooner.