New Passions

6 weeks ago tonight Kynren’s debut season came to another standing ovation, closing what has been a remarkable Summer that will long live in the memories of the volunteers, the local residents of our town Bishop Auckland and the region of County Durham too.

For each visitor who bought their tickets and came along to see for themselves what Eleven Arches had advertised as an ‘Epic tale of England’ and delivered, memories will last a lifetime.

6 weeks may well have passed but what has actually changed?

Nothing really, yes the shows may not be on each week, but the community is now United and will be forever more.

Our town like most towns has been struggling, but with Kynren and future new developments such as renovations to Auckland Castle and the new Welcome Centre and Art Gallieries, hope has been replaced with promise.

Never a guarantee but who would have thought Kynren would or could have delivered so, so much from a planning application to a finale season 1 show.

Progress takes time, but hope is very much alive in our town of Bishop Auckland.

Today I’d like to talk about what has come out of Season 1 for the people.






The list of words truly could go on, whilst some volunteers volunteered with certain skills sets and experience, many more turned up with none.

The good old fashioned British attitude of let’s roll our sleeves up and have a good go.

And so they did, myself included.

I remember going into my Volunteer Open Day and being asked by 3 lovely French ladies if I could dance?

Can I dance I asked them?


But sadly freestyle wasn’t what they were talking about, badly with that and no rhythm, they or maybe more I was lucky I didn’t have to show them.

What I’d like to think is I bring some personality, the ability to approach anyone and stand out and make an impact.

A friendly smile, that reassurance.

What has Kynren taught me?

It’s a very good question, one that I have answered in these blogs more as what it has done for our town, but what has it done for me?

Well as a person it has encouraged me to know I can achieve absolutely anything if I put my mind to it.

Kynren has encouraged me to become a better person and more well rounded, it’s shown me that sometimes it means more to put personal sacrifices to one side if it means being good as an individual but great in a team.

It’s encouraged to give back not just towards the project, but everything that you do or can do.

And it’s shown that if likeminded people all come together, from all different backgrounds, careers, areas and interests. Who each work just as hard and for each other, anything and everything is possible and that is very much been proven to be true.

For me, this is another new step.


Writing has now become a passion, something that I would never in my lifetime explored previously.

And as Kynren holds its successes to each of the Archers, we in turn acknowledge that Kynren is a big part of ours too.