Potential ‘U’ Turn


Welcome to Kynren, those words will ring out very shortly for hundreds of new willing volunteers, who are already looking forward to signing up to take part in the Kynren adventure in preparation for Season 2.

For the current 1000 strong Archers, this Sunday brings our first opportunity since our final show on September 19th to return to our ‘second home’ to carry out a tree planting day.

Eleven Arches have high hopes that thousands of ‘Archers’ sapling trees will be planted, whereby each Archer can leave a lasting memory as a dedication to whoever they choose, knowing how each day that passes by these trees will grow and mature as much as the Kynren shows do themselves.

I hope to share more on this next week.


In regards to today’s blog title, I’ve spoken in the last couple of months about switching out of the Experience team and moving into the Show team, Team 4 to be precise.

As I stand as of today, that might still happen and it may not either.

Over the last few days I’ve personally faced up to some personal challenges in my life, of which I won’t go into details.

But within it, it makes you think about every single minor detail of your life and how you wish to go forward.

I’m very much undecided, and that isn’t a straight choice of Show team 4 or Experience team either.

I may have been a dedicated Kynren volunteer in Season 1, but I wasn’t sold by it from the start.

And looking back on my personal journey I missed out on so much having joined in October/November and hundreds had started in June.

As I say at this moment in time I have no idea which team I will line up side by side with, but what is of most certain it will definitely be one of them.

Once you experience a taste of Kynren life, you want more, what we’ve experienced in our downtime is this is a part of our daily lives from now on, we live and breathe it and each week away from the project is a week too long.

I like the idea of going through the mix and match sessions that I chose to miss out on.

I like the idea of the production team of Eleven Arches matching my role up against my skill sets and experience the journey right from the beginning as each of the new volunteers in Season 2 will experience.

Or maybe, once I get amongst familiar faces on Sunday I’ll just know.

If your interested in volunteering but are undecided make a promise with yourself right now, that when the open day(s) get announced you’ll come and have a look, talk to volunteers who like me have experienced it, who have lived it and have their own stories to tell.

We look forward to welcoming you to our family.

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