Why did you volunteer?


With Kynren’s Mix and Match recruitment sessions in full swing in preparation for new volunteers for Season 2, I thought it could be a good opportunity to look back on 12 months and talk again about the reasons why 1000 strangers all came together to make Kynren the success story of 2016.

Now an award winning show having just won ‘Performance of the Year at the Living North Magazine Awards 2016.

Just the first of many acknowledgements that lies ahead for the project, and the efforts of every single person who has played their part is richly deserved.

Over the last couple of weeks it’s been like da ja vu for me, more mix and match sessions that I’m not involved in, and it really says something when reading and hearing how this new band of volunteers have enjoyed the sessions as much as the first year’s did.

What did I actually miss out on?!!!

Thinking back to 12 months ago I don’t need to go into details on why I volunteered, as I’ve already covered this in previous blog posts.

But what I will say is we as a collective group of people, once strangers, now lifelong friends, we achieved something special.

A straight forward concept of volunteering your time for a greater good that has had a massive impact on ourselves individually as well as creating more than hope, creating real true possibilities for our town of Bishop Auckland, and the generations of people who will live through it.

We are creating a positive future for the children growing up in our town to show them, that with hard work any dream is achievable.

You just have to believe and want it.

Jonathan Ruffer, Eleven Arches and every volunteer are part of a new history creating a legacy for our town for all to be proud of.

12 months ago I had attended an open day and I was onboard, I still remember it like yesterday, I remember telling friends and their response was “you’ve done what?”

It is without doubt one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made, this isn’t an over sell either.

Being a volunteer at Kynren isn’t about what you may get for volunteering, at least it’s not for me.

Remembering why I volunteered, it was first and foremost to give back to the town I live and support the project.

Kynren has far exceeded all of our expectations, no one knew quite what to expect but no one expected this.

I always said I’d give them a year, having completed this year, I would now like to think I’ll be associated to Kynren for the rest of my life.

It really does mean that much, it’s not just a project that I’m extremely proud and passionate about, but I’m also extremely proud and passionate on how it has changed and developed me as a person.

No other project could do that.

Fundamentally, Eleven Arches is a charity, a trust given back to the town of Bishop Auckland.

Kynren is a success story, a story created especially as it’s run by the enthusiasm of hundreds of volunteers.

And year on year it will grow, it will create new boundaries to push the development of its volunteers and wow the audiences alike.

Visitors will and have arrive(d) from every corner of the globe, just to experience it with their own eyes, and the Experience team will look to welcome each one individually as they have done through Kynren’s first season as that’s what they do to great effect.

You’ll have heard a statement “people make an occasion” and on this project you’ll find that this statement has never been truer.

The friendships and connections that you make really are the icing and the cherry on top of an already fabulous project, so what’s stopping you from joining us?

Current Archers can you remember why you volunteered?

To sign up and become part of the ‘Kynren Family’ click on this Eleven Arches link to sign up for a Mix and Match session, come and find out all about it for yourself.





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  1. Beverley Pratt

    I just had a feeling that this was going to be something quite unique and special. I used to live in Bishop Auckland, (I now live in Shildon), and I knew the town needed something to lift it. My son and I both joined eleven arches quite clueless really as to the details of it all but as each rehearsal came and went we became more excited. Almost a year after we joined the first show happened. Wow! This is a life changing experience. Kynren rocketed way above our expectations. Never did we think it would be so powerful. Bring on season 2.

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