UK Blog Awards 2017


A few weeks ago I came across the UK Blog Awards and wondered if I should enter my ‘Kynren Blog’ fortunately for me I was just in time to submit my entry as the closing date was almost up.

As many of my readers know I started writing this blog as a record of the individual progress and journey I was making throughout the Kynren project.

I wondered once I started if I could keep up the interest to keep writing and keep updating various events.

What did happen was it awakened something deep in my soul, that writing especially when you find a passion for the subject matter, is the easiest thing in the world.

From how it first started to how it is developing today could not be foreseen.

From starting the journey, I have had the honour of writing a guest article for ‘The Official Tourism Site for Durham – This is Durham’ describing what it is like to volunteer on the Kynren project.

Its been very humbling to know that my blog has been read far and wide, not just from fellow volunteers but internationally too.

Since starting in March, this blog has had over 2,500 thousand visitors to the blog page, stretching from locations such as; United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, China, and most of Europe to name just a few.

Kynren is a developing project, now an award winning project, it’s something that we all hold close to our hearts, it’s a project we all are very proud of, we want to help to nurture it, develop it, make it stronger.

I entered this blog for two reasons, one to learn and test myself with a wider audience, to showcase my work not for acceptance, just to keep developing.

The second, but most important reason was to showcase our project.


After such a fantastic debut season, being part of something amazingly special, a project that has united a community once again, that has shown us all that if you believe in something and your willing to put your time in, to come together as once a thousand strangers to now a thousand new friends, to volunteer and give back, anything like Kynren is possible.

As Kynren is growing, so are the volunteers who are taking part, we test ourselves, we become more experienced, we become more rounded.

We are developing our life skills, our people skills and we are all embracing life and all the possibilities that come with it.

Kynren deserves to be successful and it will be, year after year, because of the sheer determination, passion, care and self development of the people who take part.

“The Archers”

As a closing statement I’m not going to beg for votes because that’s not what is important, if you like my blog great, the link is at the bottom of this page, and I am truly humbled that you have taken your time to read my entries and vote for Kynren.

What I would like to happen is through this blog, it is shared to a bigger and wider audience and communities to give that opportunity to someone you know the chance to find out more.

Kynren performed 15 shows this Summer during its debut first season.

It returns in July for 17 shows for Season 2, come and witness our spectacular show with your own eyes.

To learn more about Kynren, please visit Eleven Arches website:

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It will ask you for your name, email address and which category to vote for, please vote only for the first choice “Arts and Culture & Events and Weddings” this way your vote will be registered against both categories.

Thank you all for reading and your continued support.