Mix and Match Season 2


Well the final sessions of the Mix and Match new volunteer days come to a close on Saturday and I’m sure it’s brought back a lot of memories for the current Archers whilst providing some enjoyment for the new Archers.

And I now know as I finally got the opportunity to come along and witness it all for myself.

For anyone who has gone through this process they’ll all tell you it is lots of fun and a good icebreaker to their first introductions to Kynren.

Although that’s all you are going to get from me, I’m not going to give anything away, but if you’re attending tomorrow I will look forward to meeting you all.

If you’re reading this today and you are still unsure, click on the link at the bottom of this page and come along to one of the sessions tomorrow, see what it’s all about for yourself, speak to the volunteers in different teams who have been in your shoes who have gone on to become actors or dancers, meet and greet to technicians and a whole lot more.

I’ll guarantee you will have fun, you’ll be full of smiles and laughter, you’ll meet lots of likeminded people who will become new friends and you can join us in having a fantastic 2017 full of fun times of rehearsals and shows, and that’s just inside of the Kynren project.

Outside of it it’s united a community, there are many different opportunities to meet up to get to know each other and continue to build new bonds and friendships, from coffee mornings, to meals or drinks out, to walks around Auckland Castle too.

Becoming an Archer; by volunteering will be one of your life achievements, we say it because it’s true, it does change your life, it improves it, it makes you value and appreciate everything that you have in it, whilst giving something back and having the time of your lives in the process too.

During Season 1, you could find me wearing the famous red jackets of the Experience team.


For me it was great to see the shows from the viewpoint we did, I might have missed out on the standing ovations that the show team faced and how truly awesome were they all.

But in each different team you choose, you work in and witness a completely different perspective of the Kynren shows that only that team gets to see.

Every team have bonded well and are looking forward to welcoming every new volunteer, our new team mates, our new friends.

I got to interact with thousands of visitors each night, and I’ve often said it’s great to read a good review but it’s amazing to be told in person.

Through the Experience team you get that face to face action.

Throughout my blogs I’ve recorded my journey, and it’s something I would definitely recommend to anyone else too, that’s for both new or current volunteers, a record of personal moments to look back on and reflect some outstanding achievements.

For me next year, I’ve decided to hand my fate over to Eleven Arches and let them choose for me where they think I’m best suited, I trust them that whichever team they choose it will be the right one and I know that whichever team that it ends up to be, I will, as you will be made to feel very welcome.

If you are interested in attending one of tomorrow’s sessions please click on this link or please share it with anyone in your family or friends circles that may be interested.


With your help Kynren will grow and become bigger, better and stronger.

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