UK Blog Awards 2017 Finalist


So this happened yesterday 😳

Honestly, it came as a total shock.

However, it just goes to show what our Kynren family are all about.

We all support each other. 😊

So what does it mean and what happens now?

This Kynren Blog has been shortlisted alongside another 7 blogs in the category of ‘Events and Weddings’

Each blog will go before a judging panel in February to determine a winner.

On Friday 21st April I shall be attending the awards ceremony at the prestigious Westminster Park Plaza Hotel in London for the chosen winner to be revealed.


The journey keeps continuing…

From reading back on the very first blog to the last, it’s a personal journey to be proud of, but it’s a true testament of what we all hoped ‘Kynren’ could be, or might be.

Its developed into something so much more, something very real, a project that each of us will be proud to have become a part of for many a year to come.

Win or lose, for me it really doesn’t matter, I entered this blog to give more exposure to “our project”

I entered to showcase what our town and our people are really capable of.

Win or lose, we all learn, yes a trophy would be nice, but for Kynren being the talk of London and beyond would be a far more greater the prize come the awards night.

Congratulations and Good Luck to all finalists and I will look forward to meeting you all in April.



2 thoughts on “UK Blog Awards 2017 Finalist

    1. JustMe Post author

      Unfortunately not, with 1000 volunteers in the first season I was lucky and fortunate if I met half of them. Do you know which team he was in?

      However Season 2 starts in July, you may need to put it on your wish list for 2017, it’s certainly worth coming to see.

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