Today I’d like to talk about family it has been mentioned many times over the last year what ‘Kynren’ means.

For those that don’t know, “The name ‘Kynren’, echoes the Anglo Saxon word ‘cynren’ meaning ‘generation, kindred, family’.”

And from this, the 1000 volunteers that represented the project in its debut first season instilled something that is so unique and quite special that you can clearly see it before you today.

You can see that Kynren is more than just the shows, more than the friendships, the camaraderie, the teamwork.

Like any family, we are proud of our own, we laugh, we joke, we encourage and we support and most of all when we are needed we are always there.

Today as the Eleven Arches Facebook page announced we lost one of our own, a fellow Archer, that sadly past away following a short illness.

I personally didn’t know him, although I know his daughters, I’m sure he was a lovely man.

Even as Kynren grows, my personal intention is to meet as many Archers as I can, to listen to the many stories of why they volunteered and what memories stand out for each of them.

To share in the laughter, to be that shoulder of support, to stand side by side as we as individuals come together in our growing Kynren family and produce what we all can’t wait to be another incredibly ‘epic’ Season 2.

So to all our absent friends who once stood with us, we shall always remember, you will all be forever in our hearts and your memories will drive us on as an unbreakable ‘Kynren family’ to keep improving, and keep delivering to ensure Kynren will be here for generations to come.


2017 brings us Season 2, the new volunteers are waiting in anticipation to find out which teams they’ll be joining, and equally every Archer new and originals are counting down the days  for the training sessions to begin.

So come and meet our Kynren family, bring your smiles, your enthusiasm, and maybe even a rainjacket too.

Season 2 starts in July running for 17 shows, book now to avoid disappointment.

Click on Eleven Arches website for further details,