The Big Team Reveal?

Tonight, we are in the process of receiving which teams we shall be taking part in during Season 2 of the must see UK attraction ‘Kynren’.

As I had decided close season to move from the Experience team to the Show team to carry on my personal journey, the question was which of the many show teams would be my newest destination.

After receiving my email from Eleven Arches tonight, I can happily reveal my selected team for Kynren Season 2 will be…

Team 5


Season 2 brings a fresh challenge for me, experiencing it from the talented cast from Season 1, learning from those people who lived each moment in which was such a successful debut season.

Taking part in the show from fresh eyes, learning all the routines and witnessing the standing ovations.

I have to say when I received the email, the initial excitement kicks in, and then you stop yourself to read the text, and once you get to the point of your team number or name, your mind drifts on what team is that?

Honestly, I had a complete blank even though I know many of the cast members of team 5, I know I’m going to be worked hard, but well looked after, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Already looking forward to the rehearsals starting in March.

Hello to my new teammates, Team 5, Season 2 will be some adventure.

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