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What a difference a week makes.

This time last week I penned another article recording my own personal journey throughout Kynren.

It was a slight undertone of determination and anticipation of what was to come.

As written, my last show before then wasn’t my best, it was actually probably my worst.

So with trepidation heading into last week’s show I was hoping nerves wouldn’t engulf me as I somewhat disappointedly let them the week prior.

As the image of today’s update shows, a better day always comes, and with it, from my first scene to the last it turned into one of my best.

From the moment my flaming arrow projected high into the night sky to my final bow standing amongst hundreds of talented Archers, I left that stage for my final time knowing that this performance went the way it always should.

Leading on to today, I’m in high spirits, chilled out and relaxed and ready to go and play my part in making Kynren everything that it is.

For my team, team 7, last night we learnt for the first time prior to arriving each show night which roles we will be undertaking.

So heading into tonight’s performance I have a definite giddy excitement, maybe knowing your roles upfront gives you a mental edge to run through your choreography in your mind first, along with the sequencing too.

Maybe it could of made me feel anxious too, but I feel good and I feel relaxed knowing what I need to do.

Although, guaranteed stage side waiting to come on for my first scene they’ll be nerves, because I always get nervous.

But through the nerves there is always a determination to succeed or at least get through it and then onto my next scene.

For us, all Archers, the night flies by within a blink of an eye.

You line up awaiting your first scene and then it’s manic back stage, hundreds of people going in different directions and numerous costume changes, and before you know it, you’ll be lining up for our finale.

Tonight I’m in four roles, one of them being ‘The Scots Are Coming’, it’s one of the most iconic scenes within Kynren and certainly for team 7 one of our most challenging.

From Pennant Knights and walking on water, to flaming drummers straight into our fighting scene, it certainly gets the blood pumping in anticipation and once you come off stage, that buzz of adrenaline will see you home for the rest of the night.

Tonight is the first time this season I will be in this role, the funny and surprising thing is, it’s actually a year ago this week that I was cast in this scene for the very first time period.

I remember it well.

My heart was pounding so hard by the end of it I felt I couldn’t breathe, what an absolute rush!

Looking back on last season and even now, any scene with fire feels so surreal.

Tonight will be no different, I’ll come off stage and think, did I really just do that.

It’s incredible the things we do and are trusted to deliver.

How do we do it?

We trust in ourselves and the support of the people around us, and when all the many hours of training kick in, you simply just go and do what we are here to do.


Tonight, weather wise isn’t ideal, not for the visitors coming to watch, nor for the Archers who will be carrying out their various roles and tasks.

But as shows go, I’m a firm believer that Kynren is marginally better in the rain and with so much going on you’ll be distracted by the conditions.

Your eyes are in for a feast of entertainment, so much so, you’ll not want it to end.

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The Comeback Is Always Stronger Than The Setback

This blog is written about a personal journey, one that some people relate too, some identify with, and some that I know read and feel inspired by.

A number of articles telling a story all on its own, often not dissimilar to that of young Arther traveling back in time throughout the years of Kynren.

For I, Kynren has shown me things too that I didn’t realise existed.

Kynren has shown me many things within my character, strengthened my good qualities to make them great qualities.

Kynren has put me on a pathway to discover riches far greater than money could ever reward you with.

It’s given me a starting passion, and then on to write, to love, to believe, to look ahead, to dream!

And with that dream big, to challenge myself knowing that anything and every challenge is achievable, because now I have a stronger character, I have spirit and heart, a determination like none other to succeed and succeed as well as can.

And like the title of this entry tells you; ‘The comeback is always stronger than the setback’.

My setback came 2 weeks ago.

It’s not uncommon to know people get nervous through performance.

I certainly do, even as I write this I can see ahead from the experiences I have taken week in week out to know what is ahead of me, another Kynren show.

You would think it would get easier on your nerves the more times you undertake a role, but for me it feels like it gets worse every single time.

How can someone who appears calm and in control go from that moment to standing stage side lining up for their first scene whereby their heart is pounding out of their chests, their anxiety is screaming out at you not to go on, your legs feel like jelly and you could easily be sick at any moment, and then you go and do what we are each trained to do.

There’s an answer somewhere to that question but I can’t answer it, somehow I just do it.

What I will say is my strength comes from those people around me, the choreography teams to the Archers themselves in all teams, my strength comes from those people and my test of character comes from deep within me.

2 weeks ago I probably had my worst show since joining the cast, that show was my 19th public performance.

I came away from that show disappointed and angry with myself.

Nothing too much to the watching eye went wrong, but as performers and that’s what we are each Saturday night, you know within your own personal perspective how it went.

My nerves got the better of me, and all though I recovered, I was still rattled by it.

It happens.

Small margins between doing something great or just doing something.

For me now, good isn’t enough, my expectations of my own personal performance are high.

And that’s how they should be, I want to learn and keep learning in order to keep gaining knowledge and expertise, by doing so you can get better and improve.

Tonight is my chance is prove to myself that I am capable enough to share a stage with some of the best people you could ever wish to meet.

And when I say stage, I don’t just mean what each visitor sees when they take their seats, the sun goes down and the performance starts.

I mean the Kynren stage from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

We are all performers!

We all perform in our chosen tasks to do the best we can in every situation, to be helpful and supportive, to encourage and share strength and resilience with each other.

So right now, just a little after 2pm, and from the comfort of my own bed with the curtains still drawn, I can hear heavy rain pouring down.

Does that faze me?

Not in the slightest…

What does faze me is not being good enough.

Not being able to get a handle on my emotions, despite knowing that past the nerves comes the elation, that we do this! Each of us Archers playing our roles to work hard for each other to make Kynren everything that we once hoped it could be.

Kynren allows you to dream, because Kynren shows you first-hand and in every single moment everything is possible.

Because Kynren is living proof of this!

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Saturday Night’s the Knight for Fighting

Season 4!

Where on earth has that come from?

Tonight is the first public showing of Kynren this summer which coinsides with the 50th performance and 4 years on since its first.

Many Archers including myself will remember back to the very detail of preparing for the very first show of Kynren period.

How am I feeling this time around?

Different I suppose.

A couple of weeks ago we had yet again another successful press night, where once its go-time everyone pulls together and puts in a performance that matches all the many hours of practice each of us put in.

Heading into that I had no nerves at all, very surprising for me, as being on that stage, performing, focused, but being very aware there is a watching audience looking on, in every direction, its completely out of my comfort zone.

Some may ask if that is the case why put yourself through it?

Because it’s a challenge and an opportunity to test yourself and your capabilities, and what you will find when you truly test yourself is anyone is capable of anything.

Archers rise to the occasion!

I know I do.

So back to the press night I had no nerves, calm, collected, focused, yet determined.

It’s what we’re trained for.

Heading into tonight, I’m very much the same, but I wasn’t at the start of the week.

At the start of this week I was anxious but not knowing exactly why?

Tonight as every show is a big deal, we want to impress.

Was it opening night nerves?


It dawned on me throughout the week that my parents will be in the tribune tonight, they’ve seen the show before in previous years, I’ve watched it with them on one occasion too, that time I was more watching them than the show.

Eyes transfixed and in awe of everything happening around them.

People often say they have preferences on seat positions, but that’s a personal choice and a myth, every seat in that tribune will tell a different story from the next one.

There is so much going on, that even the person sat next to you will see something that you don’t and vise versa.

Seeing is believing!

So tonight my family are in the crowd and many Archers families will be the same.

However for my family they have never seen me on that stage before, but tonight they will.

Many visitors returning back to watch it all take place again and many more attending for the first time.

The town has a buzz today, the weather is glorious, the hottest day of the year so far, which adds to the feel of every individual, everyone has a spring in their step, there’s a building excitement and everyone is ready to put on a show!

Like with all my articles I drift, half the things I wanted to say I haven’t even covered, I’d like to think I will write more this season from the last, but time will only tell on that one.

I’m at my most relaxed after I’ve written so this is a kind of therapy to me too.

But on a final note I want to talk about something that I hoped to start with in this article.

I want to talk about where we’ve come from.

Tonight as mentioned it’s our 50th public show, heading into its 4th season too.

But before then from idea, to planning, to pitching, to recruitment, to construction, and training and delivering what is only described from each person who attends is quite brilliant and many more adoring words.

Remember why you started!

Together anything is achievable, Kynren is the proof of this.

Good luck to all involved, to the cast and the crew, all the traders who will be working tirelessly too, breathe, enjoy it, and smile through it.

And when those final fireworks light up the night sky I will look to the stars and remember all of those people who won’t be there to share the stage alongside all the many who do and remember without their hard work, belief and dedication, Kynren would not be the Kynren we have today.

I’ll see you on the other side.

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Picking up where we left off


Several weeks ago I had something to say but as time and history have now proved things can change but if it was important enough to start it is always important enough to finish.

I’m going to leave the next bit below here completely unchanged although we all know one thing has most certainly changed;

I started writing this article several weeks ago knowing what each Archer was about to experience again over the course of the weekend, but once I started, I couldn’t bear to finish it.

Kynren will always remain close to my heart for many different and unbelievable reasons too.

Last weekend, although now it was several weeks ago, marked the return for the Archers back to the Kynren site as on-stage rehearsals geared up for another highly anticipated fourth season.

Throughout my time as an Archer these were rehearsal weekends that I really looked forward too and enjoyed.

It’s an opportunity to come together in each of your individual teams and be together in Kynren as one.

For those of you who follow this blog, you’ll already know I have once again taken the decision to leave the Kynren project.

It’s never an easy decision to walk away from something that fills you with passion and self-rewardment, but at this time it is the right decision for me.

What I do know is the Archers will have the time of their lives from now until the end of the summer.

Kynren is special, its unique and the magic that sits behind it that anyone who visits can feel but can’t explain is wrapped up by every single Archer that takes pride of place amongst their team mates each show night.

And that’s where my article ended, as I couldn’t do it any sort of justice to try and finish it, but it may have had something to do with I couldn’t bear to write it as I was no longer there and being involved.

5 weeks on and things have changed!

That is pretty much how far I got; I said many things within that small passage of words that may resonate with some if not many of the Archers.

Time can change many things too.

The original article didn’t even have a title; it was almost as if I didn’t even want to finish it as there was still some unfinished business on my part to come.

This blog, my experience, finding passions, exploring creativity, understanding people, learning new things, stepping out of comfort zones to giving it my all.

Things don’t just happen!

You have to want them.

You have to challenge yourself.

Push yourself, and keep pushing and testing yourself, until you prove yourself right, that what you are trying to achieve you really want it, it means that much to you.

Kynren is one thing, but writing is something completely different for me too.

Without this project, without being surrounded by so many talented, passionate and compassionate people who just want you to be the best you can be, all of this wouldn’t be whatever this actually is.

In the last 12 months generally, possibly even longer I have had a real love/hate relationship with writing, weighing more on the hate side of it, when it once developed into the love of a new passion.

What started as having a go suddenly developed into something more, a lot more…

An opportunity to write guest articles and freelancing work, from travel operators to event companies, music publications and businesses.

Kynren opens up a whole lot more doors than the ones you can physically see.

In my last post I said “What makes Kynren; Kynren?”

I also said that answer will be different for everyone involved.

Kynren for me is more than what you can see; it’s not all about the show!

Even though for every person that has visited and witnessed it, it is something truly wonderful and magical with so much happening on that 7,500 acre stage you will be spellbound for the whole duration.

For every Archer from the minute this project was an opportunity to become involved and join in the journey, whether you have been here from the start or have passed through the journey, we all know, we all take with us something special from the minute we enter the site we call home to the moment we leave.

It’s a unique opportunity that we have all grasped and ran with.

We have worked and been guided by some exceptional people who have worked on some huge projects across the world.

But I can honestly put my hand on my heart and scream out loud that every single person that has taken the time out to be a part of Kynren is exceptional, we all bring something.

Some are exceptional actors or dancers, some didn’t have any experience or some are rediscovering their once past talent, stepping up, challenging themselves or having a go.

That’s part of what Kynren is:

It’s about exploring opportunities and having a go.

Limitations are only that if we allow them to be such a thing.

I always thought in my own head, back to my school days that if I could have done something differently what would that be, surprisingly I thought, drama.

I thought at that age what if I had the confidence to explore possibilities, explore passions, what would have happened in my life if I had given it my all and wound up at a performing arts college.

What would have happened to my life?

Last year, I stepped out of my comfort zone and explored that exact possibility through joining the cast and realised quite literally that had I had the confidence I feel I have right now…

Well, Performing Arts College would have definitely not been for me, ha.

I can hold my hands up and say am I the best anything when it comes to being on that stage?

Absolutely not, you only have to ask my teammates how anxious I get, and that is not only by being on stage, the same happened when I was in the car parks of the first season too.

But when it’s game time, it’s time to go!

Put your nervous energy to one side and go and deliver to the best of your ability, trust your training, live through your experiences, and most of all remember to breathe and go and have fun.

That’s why we do what we do!

For me part of Kynren is about opportunities. Opportunities to become involved and opportunities to explore the person you are or want to become.

Kynren is also a 90-minute spectacular show, that quite simply if you don’t witness it from your own eyes and ears, from sitting in the 8,000 seater tribune and feeling that magic of being up close to the action, to letting it all transform all around you, it is something not only quite remarkable but you have to go to truly appreciate why so many people talk so highly about it.

Kynren is also always going to be about people, I’ve mentioned many times there is a magic about it, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, Kynren is special, so much so some won’t be able to put it into words and pictures will never do it justice.

For me the magic comes from the people you share the very best experiences with, not only are we trained by the best, but I learn alongside the best, I’m supported and encouraged by the best, and I am forever inspired by the very best people.

For the visitors they share it with the people who matter most in their lives, family, partners, friendships, it’s not where you are, it’s who you share each memory with.

I want to fall in love with Kynren all over again and I want to fall back in love with writing so I can help to describe what it is like to be in one of the best things I have ever done.

For us, the Archers, and hopefully for anyone reading this, you too, whether it’s this year or the next one or the one after that come and be part of something special, it’s a life changer without any question, a guaranteed summer filled full of fun.

There are 11 live shows this summer; we hope you will join us at one of them, so we can show you exactly what you may have already missed out on and share with you all our passion.

For more information or to book tickets please visit Kynren’s website:


To read more about Kynren and what it is like to be a part of the cast and crew on the project, please visit the Kynren Blog Facebook page:


London and the Awards


So I headed down to London for the ceremony of the UK Blog Awards 2017.

From my previous blog post, I spoke how winning although it would be nice, wasn’t the overall objective, the main objective of this whole experience was to raise further awareness of the Kynren project, and try and deliver as much exposure that I could.

And I’d like to say I definitely delivered in regards to that.


So onboard we went heading to London, with no expectations, just to enjoy the whole experience, getting caught up in a moment of reflection and acknowledging my own personal accomplishments.


The realisation that I’d taken a blank piece of paper with an idea of writing down my experiences and recording them to a UK individual finalist all inside 12 months.

Even thinking about it now, it still doesn’t ring quite true.

So London, our capital city, the hustle and bustle, the landmarks, the tourists, even the weather, lots going on as always.

The awards were being held in a central location, just past Westminster bridge overlooking both Big Ben and the London Eye.

Armed with suits and sparkling shoes I was here, ready to represent Kynren one final time.



The awards themselves as expected was a lavish affair, paparazzi waiting to snap as car doors opened, me just casually walking in under the radar.

I was here and I was determined to enjoy it.


I made a point of arriving on time, I wanted to take as much of the experience in as possible, and although arriving on time, several people had already arrived before me.

This wasn’t just a big opportunity to showcase and promote the Kynren project but it was a good opportunity to meet the industry’s best all under one roof, meeting new people and gaining new and valuable connections.


Amongst the many finalists, guests and judges were a number of sponsors showcasing their wares for all to see and become involved in on the evening.

The one that stood out for my blog was this;


Which resulted in a long conversation with Odeon Cinemas regarding Kynren, in which I couldn’t resist playing them the Kynren trailer from my phone and informing them that their is ‘Only one Arthur when Kynren is in town’.


With waiting staff aplenty the drinks were flowing, and quirky food samples based on a funfair theme too.

What’s not to like when you’re being offered beer, mini burgers, fish and chips, popcorn and pick and mix as just a small range of their offerings.

The awards were living up to its hype and more.

The room was a buzz of activity, hundreds of writers and bloggers coming together with hope and anticipation, that it could be them that picks up an award?

I met some truly talented and inspirational people in that room on that night, with potential collaborations to come in the future too.

So, to the main event, we got called into the main room to take our seats.


This was it, from just having a go, to here, this was it.

All the writing, all the support from readers and volunteers, all the promotional and media work I had organised and arranged, everything came down to this.

A National Award representing Kynren, representing Bishop Auckland, and most of all representing the Archers.

Win or lose, we do this together.


It was fantastic to see our project in the programme, it was fantastic just to be here.

My expectations weren’t high, I didn’t expect to win, I was the only event in an ‘Events and Weddings’ category, so the standard was high.

But it wasn’t about the winning, yeah it would be nice, of course it would, but I didn’t need my name to be called out for my own personal recognition to realise how far I’d come, how much I had already achieved, the original objectives I had well and truly smashed and delivered on.

This was the moment of truth.

The winner is…


Congratulations to Whisper and Blush


Totally deserved in my opinion, I had a look through my stiff competition within my category before attending the awards, and this particular blog stood out, well after mine of course.

I had the privilege of meeting the girls after they accepted their award, Melissa and Kate are so humble, yet so passionate about the articles they create, and are great ambassadors for the blogging community.

Whisper and Blush actually won this award last year too, but I’ve already told them that I aim to see them both again next year.


The night was an unforgettable experience, one in which will long live in my memory.

Even thinking back on it now, the images above of a blank piece of paper, and a starting idea could of ever resulted in what I have achieved.

Thank you to the UK Blog Awards for creating this event, to recognise and acknowledge the talent of writers who do blog, on a wide range of different topics and subject matters.

Thank you for accepting me into your blogging community in which likeminded people come together each week on Twitter to discuss experiences and share advice on a wide range of stimulating questions within #BlogHour which you can’t not help to become more reassured, more confident and supported.

Thank you to the wide range of different writers, bloggers and Vloggers who each share in the same passions as you do, I hope to see you again at an event soon.

My next thank you goes to every single reader, and there has been many, from the UK to around the World, I hope you have found each article interesting and has reached out and encouraged you to come along to one of the performances.

For anyone who is just stumbling across these blog articles for the first time I hope you enjoy them.

But my final thank you has to be reserved for these guys.


The Archers, the volunteers, where would we be without each other.

We all came together for the same reasons, many of us strangers, to becoming friends, best friends, but more than that now we are all a family.

We look out for and after our own, supportive and caring, we encourage our successes, and commiserate on disappointments.

But ultimately I will always be proud to have stood beside each and every one of you.

Season 2, Saturday 1st July, enjoy it as only Archers know how.

Good Luck to all, and I’ll see you on the other side.


What Makes Me Proud?


When you talk about Kynren, and believe me as volunteers we talk about it a lot, it’s because we are so proud of the project and of our own personal achievements.

But what stands out for me is without any question, it’s the people.

After the first successful season and now gearing up for season 2, the only questions that should be asked is;

‘What is Kynren?’

‘And what does it mean to you?’

For me Kynren is many things, I mentioned this without going into detail yesterday.

Yes it’s a fantastic, tremendous, outstanding show, with many other words that can describe and express how it makes you feel.

And all that have witnessed it have done.

But for me, Kynren – An Epic Tale of England, only tells half the tale.

There’s no doubting it’s an utterly impressive live outdoor show that is unique to the UK, but bearing in mind each performance has been delivered by a 1000 volunteers, and added by a few hundred more in high anticipation of Season 2.

Each of these people have come together for many personal reasons and stories that I hope to share with you throughout this year.

But these are just regular people, who have come together to give back, to volunteer their time to help improve their town, or surrounding areas.

Some have hobbies or common interests in acting or dancing, some have wanted to take on a new challenge or had wanted to welcome all the visitors to the area.

The Archers all have lives, they work, they go to school, they are part of families, they each have responsibilities, or other interests outside of this amazing project, but you can’t help coming back for more and more.

Each of these people, are what makes me feel proud when someone asks about Kynren.

The show is incredible, but the people, I’m speechless when I talk about them, they make me so proud, and in turn they make me feel proud as I was one of them too.

You only have to look at the children and the teenagers to know how great this project is, to have been fortunate to watch each of them grow in confidence from their first rehearsals to the end of an award winning first season.

They make me proud, these are the next generation of volunteers and performers that will continue to drive Kynren on to new bounds.

It prompted a question that I asked myself several weeks ago.

‘What must it be like to be a teenager right now?’

Kynren is providing so many opportunities to learn, to discover new interests and passions that you may never knew existed in your being.

I know it has literally done that for me, writing makes me feel alive.

But if Kynren was here when I was a teenager? What would I be doing? What role would I take part in? Would I have the confidence at all to take part?

I’d like to think I would be, I know for certain just looking at the volunteers of all ages it would have brought me on leaps and bounds, just as it has done for many of the kids and young adults too.

For me, it has challenged me to become resourceful, to care more, to stand up and be counted when it really mattered, and never be afraid to show your passion.

If you dream it, you can do it.

To have something so special on your doorstep, that no one else in the UK has, that the trust of deliverance has been put in the hands of volunteers, rather than seasoned professionals, and the opportunity for the town of Bishop Auckland has been equally matched by Jonathan Ruffer and by Kynren, is another reason to make you feel proud and honoured to be a part of it.

It’s going to be a strange feeling not going to be there from now on, to not be a part of the action, a part of the camaraderie, to miss out on well… just not being there.

But Kynren is in safe hands, and that’s because Kynren is a community project, and no matter what, it always will be.

When you attend this Summer, yes enjoy the show, it will be like something you will never of seen before, and if you were here last year, that includes you too.

Enjoy the scenery, the rolling landscapes that Kynren sits besides, look at the amazing wild flowers on the walk into the site.

But don’t forget to look at the people, the volunteers, the Archers, because when you look and take notice, you’ll realise that they are Kynren, the real Kynren.

The heartbeat to the whole project.

To book your tickets for one of the 17 live, action packed shows please visit the Eleven Arches website here: http://www.elevenarches.org/

All Good Things Must Come To An End


In all honesty I wasn’t going to write and post this today, I was in the process of writing another blog article called ‘What Makes Me Proud’ which I’ll now post tomorrow.

I think sentiment has got the better of me today, memories and flashbacks and to post this article today instead of tomorrow seemed more appropriate.


One year ago today, this is where it all started, and friendships really started to form, this was the very first Experience team social meet-up, which were to become a common event throughout the build up towards the first show.

On this particular evening hardly anyone knew each other, the weather was torrential rain, and if I’m perfectly honest, I had doubts about attending even though I had organised it all.

The weather clearly put a lot of volunteers off going, if I wasn’t the organiser, I probably would have gave it a miss too, but if I had I would of missed out on a memorable evening shared with great company.

How is it possible? How can close friendships be formed so quickly, with Kynren everything is possible.

Leading onto the subject matter of this post.

‘All Good Things Must Come To An End’

On Tuesday of this week, with an extremely heavy heart I informed all of my teammates and all of my fellow volunteers, that I would unfortunately be leaving the Kynren project.

No doubt it will have been a shock or surprised some, especially as I’ve gone through the majority of the show team rehearsals this Season 2.

To walk away from this project so close to the start of season 2, and now not experiencing what it would have been like to take part in a debut performance, and the chance to witness one of those truly magical standing ovations.

A decision I haven’t taken lightly, I’ve been weighing this up for weeks, ever since the first weekend of training sessions.

There’s an unanswered question here, “But why?”

And an answer that I wasn’t sure if I should reveal or not, I don’t hide behind it, but I’ve never revealed it within these blog posts, and I was unsure if I should start now.

Kynren for all that it is, and it’s for many things. Things that you may have read in this blog, and others that I’m going to write about to showcase Kynren’s true personality.

And for all the good reasons, the self purpose, the feeling of worth, the achievements, the growth in confidence, the people who are truly everything, who are what Kynren truly is, I had to walk away and put myself first.

It’s been a very emotional week, with what I’m not ashamed to admit too, a lot of tears.

I have thrown myself into this project, for the good of Kynren, the good of our town, for the good of the people, but mainly for the good of myself.

And it pains me to walk away now, knowing the work I’ve done has contributed to the successes of the the show.

I have helped to give Kynren alongside 1000 volunteers, 1000 teammates, but more so 1000 friends, a foundation in which Kynren can grow, a benchmark that Kynren can target and push boundaries, and with that memories that I can look back and treasure forever.

For some, you will already know, for others you won’t, I was diagnosed with depression in November of last year, the last 5/6 months have been extremely tough at times from a personal point of view, and although Kynren has been a saviour at times, truthfully that’s what it comes down to for leaving.

It’s difficult, extremely difficult, and a decision that keeps playing back and forth in my mind, as to have I done the right thing?

It’s an answer I’ll never find without having the courage to walk away from something I’ve fallen in love with.

And it truly breaks my heart in the process too.

Nothing is forever, it may be a break, for however long it takes, to walk away from the project is hard, to walk away from the people, the volunteers, a second family has been so, so tough.

But I’m proud of them all, and they will go into season 2 creating new memories, building on the new history of Bishop Auckland through Kynren, and delighting sell out crowds in the process.

So what’s left to say?

On Friday I finally head down to London to find out if my Kynren Blog has beaten the odds and will be announced as a National winner, at the UK Blog Awards.

Something that I could never of envisioned when starting this blog, win or not, I will be forever thankful to Helen Watson for encouraging me to write this, as it is now a written record of many memories and emotions that can be re-lived in detail for myself and fellow volunteers to be remembered.

As for this blog, it will continue, granted I won’t be involved in detail as I was previously, but there is still so much that is left untold, so many more memories to share.

And so many stories from fellow volunteers to be heard.

Once the awards are over, I’ll be asking for contributions of guest blog posts from fellow Archers that I can share with my blogging community, with my worldwide reading audience.

It was my personal plan to write from the eyes of different teams so everyone could experience this wonderful project from a different perspective, unfortunately I am going to be unable to do that this season, so I hope to hand over to the current Archers and let them describe to you all;

‘What does Kynren mean to them?’

A final note today goes to the many thousands of people who have taken the time to read each article, I really do hope you found them interesting, engaging and have captured your hearts as much as this project has captured mine.

Kynren, thank you for the memories, until the next time.