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London and the Awards


So I headed down to London for the ceremony of the UK Blog Awards 2017.

From my previous blog post, I spoke how winning although it would be nice, wasn’t the overall objective, the main objective of this whole experience was to raise further awareness of the Kynren project, and try and deliver as much exposure that I could.

And I’d like to say I definitely delivered in regards to that.


So onboard we went heading to London, with no expectations, just to enjoy the whole experience, getting caught up in a moment of reflection and acknowledging my own personal accomplishments.


The realisation that I’d taken a blank piece of paper with an idea of writing down my experiences and recording them to a UK individual finalist all inside 12 months.

Even thinking about it now, it still doesn’t ring quite true.

So London, our capital city, the hustle and bustle, the landmarks, the tourists, even the weather, lots going on as always.

The awards were being held in a central location, just past Westminster bridge overlooking both Big Ben and the London Eye.

Armed with suits and sparkling shoes I was here, ready to represent Kynren one final time.



The awards themselves as expected was a lavish affair, paparazzi waiting to snap as car doors opened, me just casually walking in under the radar.

I was here and I was determined to enjoy it.


I made a point of arriving on time, I wanted to take as much of the experience in as possible, and although arriving on time, several people had already arrived before me.

This wasn’t just a big opportunity to showcase and promote the Kynren project but it was a good opportunity to meet the industry’s best all under one roof, meeting new people and gaining new and valuable connections.


Amongst the many finalists, guests and judges were a number of sponsors showcasing their wares for all to see and become involved in on the evening.

The one that stood out for my blog was this;


Which resulted in a long conversation with Odeon Cinemas regarding Kynren, in which I couldn’t resist playing them the Kynren trailer from my phone and informing them that their is ‘Only one Arthur when Kynren is in town’.


With waiting staff aplenty the drinks were flowing, and quirky food samples based on a funfair theme too.

What’s not to like when you’re being offered beer, mini burgers, fish and chips, popcorn and pick and mix as just a small range of their offerings.

The awards were living up to its hype and more.

The room was a buzz of activity, hundreds of writers and bloggers coming together with hope and anticipation, that it could be them that picks up an award?

I met some truly talented and inspirational people in that room on that night, with potential collaborations to come in the future too.

So, to the main event, we got called into the main room to take our seats.


This was it, from just having a go, to here, this was it.

All the writing, all the support from readers and volunteers, all the promotional and media work I had organised and arranged, everything came down to this.

A National Award representing Kynren, representing Bishop Auckland, and most of all representing the Archers.

Win or lose, we do this together.


It was fantastic to see our project in the programme, it was fantastic just to be here.

My expectations weren’t high, I didn’t expect to win, I was the only event in an ‘Events and Weddings’ category, so the standard was high.

But it wasn’t about the winning, yeah it would be nice, of course it would, but I didn’t need my name to be called out for my own personal recognition to realise how far I’d come, how much I had already achieved, the original objectives I had well and truly smashed and delivered on.

This was the moment of truth.

The winner is…


Congratulations to Whisper and Blush


Totally deserved in my opinion, I had a look through my stiff competition within my category before attending the awards, and this particular blog stood out, well after mine of course.

I had the privilege of meeting the girls after they accepted their award, Melissa and Kate are so humble, yet so passionate about the articles they create, and are great ambassadors for the blogging community.

Whisper and Blush actually won this award last year too, but I’ve already told them that I aim to see them both again next year.


The night was an unforgettable experience, one in which will long live in my memory.

Even thinking back on it now, the images above of a blank piece of paper, and a starting idea could of ever resulted in what I have achieved.

Thank you to the UK Blog Awards for creating this event, to recognise and acknowledge the talent of writers who do blog, on a wide range of different topics and subject matters.

Thank you for accepting me into your blogging community in which likeminded people come together each week on Twitter to discuss experiences and share advice on a wide range of stimulating questions within #BlogHour which you can’t not help to become more reassured, more confident and supported.

Thank you to the wide range of different writers, bloggers and Vloggers who each share in the same passions as you do, I hope to see you again at an event soon.

My next thank you goes to every single reader, and there has been many, from the UK to around the World, I hope you have found each article interesting and has reached out and encouraged you to come along to one of the performances.

For anyone who is just stumbling across these blog articles for the first time I hope you enjoy them.

But my final thank you has to be reserved for these guys.


The Archers, the volunteers, where would we be without each other.

We all came together for the same reasons, many of us strangers, to becoming friends, best friends, but more than that now we are all a family.

We look out for and after our own, supportive and caring, we encourage our successes, and commiserate on disappointments.

But ultimately I will always be proud to have stood beside each and every one of you.

Season 2, Saturday 1st July, enjoy it as only Archers know how.

Good Luck to all, and I’ll see you on the other side.



UK Blog Awards 2017 Finalist


So this happened yesterday ­čś│

Honestly, it came as a total shock.

However, it just goes to show what our Kynren family are all about.

We all support each other. ­čśŐ

So what does it mean and what happens now?

This Kynren Blog has been shortlisted alongside another 7 blogs in the category of ‘Events and Weddings’

Each blog will go before a judging panel in February to determine a winner.

On Friday 21st April I shall be attending the awards ceremony at the prestigious Westminster Park Plaza Hotel in London for the chosen winner to be revealed.


The journey keeps continuing…

From reading back on the very first blog to the last, it’s a personal journey to be proud of, but it’s a true testament of what we all hoped ‘Kynren’ could be, or might be.

Its developed into something so much more, something very real, a project that each of us will be proud to have become a part of for many a year to come.

Win or lose, for me it really doesn’t matter, I entered this blog to give more exposure to “our project”

I entered to showcase what our town and our people are really capable of.

Win or lose, we all learn, yes a trophy would be nice, but for Kynren being the talk of London and beyond would be a far more greater the prize come the awards night.

Congratulations and Good Luck to all finalists and I will look forward to meeting you all in April.


UK Blog Awards 2017


A few weeks ago I came across the UK Blog Awards and wondered if I should enter my ‘Kynren Blog’ fortunately for me I was just in time to submit my entry as the closing date was almost up.

As many of my readers know I started writing this blog as a record of the individual progress and journey I was making throughout the Kynren project.

I wondered once I started if I could keep up the interest to keep writing and keep updating various events.

What did happen was it awakened something deep in my soul, that writing especially when you find a passion for the subject matter, is the easiest thing in the world.

From how it first started to how it is developing today could not be foreseen.

From starting the journey, I have had the honour of writing a guest article for ‘The Official Tourism Site for Durham – This is Durham’ describing what it is like to volunteer on the Kynren project.

Its been very humbling to know that my blog has been read far and wide, not just from fellow volunteers but internationally too.

Since starting in March, this blog has had over 2,500 thousand visitors to the blog page, stretching from locations such as; United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, China, and most of Europe to name just a few.

Kynren is a developing project, now an award winning project, it’s something that we all hold close to our hearts, it’s a project we all are very proud of, we want to help to nurture it, develop it, make it stronger.

I entered this blog for two reasons, one to learn and test myself with a wider audience, to showcase my work not for acceptance, just to keep developing.

The second, but most important reason was to showcase our project.


After such a fantastic debut season, being part of something amazingly special, a project that has united a community once again, that has shown us all that if you believe in something and your willing to put your time in, to come together as once a thousand strangers to now a thousand new friends, to volunteer and give back, anything like Kynren is possible.

As Kynren is growing, so are the volunteers who are taking part, we test ourselves, we become more experienced, we become more rounded.

We are developing our life skills, our people skills and we are all embracing life and all the possibilities that come with it.

Kynren deserves to be successful and it will be, year after year, because of the sheer determination, passion, care and self development of the people who take part.

“The Archers”

As a closing statement I’m not going to beg for votes because that’s not what is important, if you like my blog great, the link is at the bottom of this page, and I am truly humbled that you have taken your time to read my entries and vote for Kynren.

What I would like to happen is through this blog, it is shared to a bigger and wider audience and communities to give that opportunity to someone you know the chance to find out more.

Kynren performed 15 shows this Summer during its debut first season.

It returns in July for 17 shows for Season 2, come and witness our spectacular show with your own eyes.

To learn more about Kynren, please visit Eleven Arches website: http://www.elevenarches.org/

To register your vote for the Kynren Blog please click on this attached link: http://blogawardsuk.co.uk/ukba2017/entries/eleven-arches-kynren-my-experience 

It will ask you for your name, email address and which category to vote for, please vote only for the first choice “Arts and Culture & Events and Weddings” this way your vote will be registered against both categories.

Thank you all for reading and your continued support.


What’s been happening?

It may appear it’s been all quiet on the Kynren front but believe me there has been plenty going on, on and off site.

Eleven Arches have been shortlisted for an award by Living North Magazine for ‘Performance of the Year’

Jonathan Ruffer has also been shortlisted for an award for ‘Contribution to the North East Award’

Every Archer is delighted that Kynren has received recognition with both of these nominations and have their fingers crossed for Jonathan and Eleven Arches on the night.

To read more please click on the below link: http://www.livingnorth.com/northeast/events/living-north-awards/shortlist

Next up our hero, our saviour, our friend, Mr Jonathan Ruffer has been awarded ‘Philanthropist of the Year’ award at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards.

Well done and many Congratulations to Jonathan.

You can read more about this award here: https://elevenarches.org/kynren/news/Jonathan-Ruffer-wins-Philanthropist-of-the-Year-Award

Off site you may have noticed many Kynren volunteers giving up their time to help and sell poppies in and around various supermarkets and locations in Bishop Auckland, a tremendous effort by each of them.

I have said it many times before throughout my blogs Kynren has united a community, all the principles were already there but the friendships that have been formed through just the first season has inspired the community to once again come together to give back to a worthy cause.

One element that the Kynren volunteers will continue to deliver forever and a day is; charities, supporting local businesses, the people and the towns we live in are important to us.

Kynren means family, and we couldn’t agree more.

On Sunday 6th November, the Archers had their first opportunity of coming together as a big group to carry out some work on the Kynren site for their tree planting day.


It was great to be back at our second home, surrounded by our new friends, who feel very much like being part of an adopted family.

The only drawback to the day was the weather, torrential rain and high winds for most of the day.

I was there early to help them setup and as the rain poured down, there was an initial question of how many will turn up?

I told staff and volunteers not to worry, the Archers will come in there 100’s no matter what the weather, it may sound strange to some, but Kynren is in our bloodstream now, we live and breathe it, and if we are available we come.

Even our fellow Archer Richard who lives in Bradford made the journey to plant his tree.

I have heard around 1,500 trees were planted on the day which is a fantastic effort, lots have been planted in memory of loved ones that sadly are no longer with us and others in dedication for themselves as a lasting memory of the contributions they have all made.

An analogy that someone wise once said to me was “From mighty oaks, little acorns grow” meaning great things may come from small beginnings.

And Kynren ethos is very much like this from the outset, Jonathan Ruffer delivered a vision, Eleven Arches have managed this vision and produced clarity, and through all of these people with every volunteers help and assistance we’ve delivered a project and an Epic performance of shows that we will be forever proud of.


Lastly, the new television advert and tickets for Season 2 will be coming very soon.

Eleven Arches will be announcing so follow their social media pages and/or subscribe to their newsletter to keep updated.

In October, all of the volunteers were invited to a special screening of a preview of the advert and you can fail to be impressed, so certainly keep your eyes peeled for that.

For more information please visit Eleven Arches website: http://www.elevenarches.org/ for more details.