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Kynren Blog – Media Day (Part 1)


On Saturday 25th March, I took part in my own Media Day as a way to promote my Kynren Blog in anticipation of the UK Blog Awards held on Friday 21st April in Westminster, London.

As a nominated finalist it was always my only intention to try and promote the Kynren project to a wider audience and promote the shows.

Earlier in the week I contacted local radio station Bishop FM to ask if they would be interested in doing an interview, I was surprised and delighted to hear that they would be, and they invited me in for a live interview segment on their Saturday morning breakfast show with Gary Burgham, as pictured below.


On the morning of the broadcast I was feeling quite relaxed, despite never being interviewed live on air before.

I took it as a good opportunity to talk to the many listeners about Kynren and how this project has had a positive impact on my life.

Although once the interview started, I must admit it was quite daunting, hoping I wouldn’t pause too much and struggle to get my words out.

You can judge that for yourselves, to hear more about my interview please click on the attached link;


I have also prearranged with Gary that I will look to do a follow up interview after the awards ceremony, to inform his listeners of how the awards went on the evening.

Hopefully bringing back to Bishop Auckland the converted title of Individual Events & Weddings Blog of the Year.

Here’s hoping anyway.

To learn more about the UK Blog Awards please click on their website here: http://www.blogawardsuk.co.uk




Camp Kynren


And so it starts all over again.

On Monday 13th February I attended the first volunteer group training session aptly named ‘Camp Kynren’ which will be run across the next couple of weeks in which all 1500 volunteers will attend.


At this stage I’m not about to go into any real details and spoil it for the remaining volunteers who have yet to go, but what I will say it’s very informative and lots of fun.

I’ve mentioned many times before how special and how warm a feeling you have when you arrive back to the Kynren site, it just has this magic about itself that you can’t help but feel excited and smile both inwardly and outwardly.

Add that feeling with coming together with a large group of volunteers, some of which you know, some that incredibly you’re only meeting for the first time, and then making introductions with the brand new Archers that are keen and excited to join you on this incredible journey into Kynren, Season 2.

Season 2 has been a long time coming for many an Archer, most haven’t been back to the site since the tree planting day at the end last year, whilst some may not have even had an opportunity since the final show back in September.

It was a rollacoaster of a ride of a Summer, I definitely have the bug, and one I was keen to continue on.

This year as I mentioned in previous blogs I have moved from the Experience Team which has given me so much grounding and a great overall view of the Kynren project, where I worked alongside so many fantastic people and also had the amazing opportunity to meet, greet and speak to so many visitors to our shows.

It has been an amazing experience just to learn how Kynren has been received both from pre and post shows, it will long live as a special moment, one that I will relive through these blogs as a lasting memory.

So Good Luck to all the Experience Team heading into Season 2, each of you are a credit to each other and the project.

I will be very jealous of not being able to wear the famous red jacket but each time I see it will spark hundreds of memories, smiles and laughter in the process.

So, to the show team…

After Monday night I did have to question my sanity, after a brief exercise of co-ordination skills and movement I finally understood what all of my friends had been telling me for years.

I don’t have any 😄

Much work ahead for me, but one I’m looking forward too.

The performing, the standing ovations, they will be outstanding in their own right but it’s not everything that I’m looking forward too.

I’m looking forward to challenging myself, taking myself out of a slight personal comfort zone, adapting myself, learning new skills, and learning from the best, our choreographers and our first season Archers.

And one thing for certain is I’ll work myself hard, not just because that’s my way, because I now have a moral responsibility not just to myself but to all my fellow teammates right across the full project and to the paying visitors that come far and wide across every corner of the globe.

Throughout my blogs, the common denominator is the people, I’m proud of them all.

Without any of them we wouldn’t be where we are today, look back on what we all achieved, look onwards another 12 months and dare to dream, but in our cases live out the reality.

Kynren Season 2, is going to be Epic, we’d love you to be a part of it, there are 17 shows this year starting on Saturday 1st July running until Saturday 16th September.

For further information or to book your tickets please head over the Eleven Arches website here: http://www.elevenarches.org




UK Blog Awards 2017 Finalist


So this happened yesterday 😳

Honestly, it came as a total shock.

However, it just goes to show what our Kynren family are all about.

We all support each other. 😊

So what does it mean and what happens now?

This Kynren Blog has been shortlisted alongside another 7 blogs in the category of ‘Events and Weddings’

Each blog will go before a judging panel in February to determine a winner.

On Friday 21st April I shall be attending the awards ceremony at the prestigious Westminster Park Plaza Hotel in London for the chosen winner to be revealed.


The journey keeps continuing…

From reading back on the very first blog to the last, it’s a personal journey to be proud of, but it’s a true testament of what we all hoped ‘Kynren’ could be, or might be.

Its developed into something so much more, something very real, a project that each of us will be proud to have become a part of for many a year to come.

Win or lose, for me it really doesn’t matter, I entered this blog to give more exposure to “our project”

I entered to showcase what our town and our people are really capable of.

Win or lose, we all learn, yes a trophy would be nice, but for Kynren being the talk of London and beyond would be a far more greater the prize come the awards night.

Congratulations and Good Luck to all finalists and I will look forward to meeting you all in April.


New Blog

I’ve been promising a new blog on my new Facebook page for over a week now.



And whilst this isn’t the blog post I was intending to write, this is a good starting point to post something new.

I was asked by many volunteers after the final show and after presenting the 3 folders of our Archers journey so far, if I could make each of my blogs to be easier to access so a wider audience could read them at their leisure.

Facebook seemed the obvious next step seeing as though most of the Worldwide population have an account these days.

From a personal point for all those who have followed the journey so far you will have read a number of blogs focusing on the training right through to the shows and all of the charity and support work us Archers have carried out individually throughout season 1.

I’ve mentioned before this really is only the start, but it is a platform that we now can build from, not just Kynren the show but as us the volunteers too.

From a blog point of view, I’m astounded by the sheer volume of numbers reading them each day, from across many countries in the world too.

I always knew Kynren drew a media interest, as well as a social one too, how could it not.

Yes the finances may well have been made in their millions to bring this idea from just that an idea to this:


This aerial shot of the Kynren stage and tribune is truly stunning not just because I’m a volunteer but just because it is.

It’s a true testimont to how far we all have come, but how far we can actually go with the support of the people, our teammates around us.

I’ll speak more in another blog post of what is in store for Season 2, but again Kynren needs your help, help from existing volunteers to keep supporting the project, and how can we not, the enjoyment and passion that we each share makes Kynren truly what it is.

If your reading this for just the very first time, or you have followed the journey from afar, click on this link: http://elevenarches.org/ subscribe to their newsletter, let Eleven Arches keep you updated on all of their news, and one day soon you’ll be invited to come along to an ‘Volunteers Open Day’ where you might meet me, or one, or several hundreds of willing volunteers from Season 1 who can’t wait to meet you, to share their own personal experiences with you of not of why you should volunteer but what benefits it has impacted on their lives from just making the exact same decision on that day to ‘go and see what its all about’

If you make that decision its one you will never look back on and say “why” but it will be one that you wished you made sooner.



This is Durham article.

It’s been a little while since I last posted any blogs and whilst we have a week off in between shows it certainly gives me some time to sit down, reflect on the journey so far and share my thoughts.

Although, I have written a published blog article for the official tourism website for Durham in the meantime.


How did all this come about?

It actually came about before the first public show, I noticed a post looking for volunteers to write an article on their behalf and as I had already been writing and sharing my experiences in this blog, it seemed worth contacting them.

This is Durham read my blog articles and liked what I had written and approached me mid June to write a one off piece for their website, to highlight what Kynren was like on the inside, to give tourists from outside of our region that all important insight into the show.

I was happy too, in fact I was delighted, and then after I accepted, a sense of dread crept in, how on earth was I going to be able to write a one off article describing what it is like to be a Kynren volunteer, that not only is good enough to be published, but also do justice for myself, but mainly for every Archer within the project.

In all honesty, I put it off, every time I thought about writing a sentence or a paragraph, it just didn’t look right or read right.

What had I done? Committing myself to write this, I’d put myself under pressure, given myself a huge challenge outside of my comfort zone.

So what was it that I was really afraid off?

Was it failure? Maybe

Was it acceptance? Maybe that too.

Fundamentally I didn’t want to let anyone down, nor did I want to let myself down.

The night before the second show I sat down and I wrote from the heart, I thought about all the fantastic memories that this project has created for me, what they are creating for us all.

And with thanks to This is Durham who kindly posted it on 21st July, I can honestly say it was the hardest but proudest article I’ve ever written, I hope you enjoy reading it too.


To learn more about the project please visit Eleven Arches Facebook page and website;