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So this is what it’s like.


Last night was Kynren’s Press Night and it came and went within a blink of an eye, exactly like fellow teammates had told me it would.

I’ve always said, and have always wondered what it would be like to experience this wonderful project from a completely different perspective and another set of eyes, and that was it, and I want more.

As yesterday came I felt calmer, more reassured being around many cast who have lived and breathed these shows before.

There were still understandable nerves, but nerves are always good, breathe deeply, hit your mark, and go and deliver your small part of what helps to make Kynren; Kynren.

From outside in, from viewing the show performers from the Experience team within the first year I’ve always had the upmost respect for each member of the cast, as I do with every volunteer within all of the roles of the Kynren project.

But to see each perform on the evening, and to witness everything that they do is something that you can’t really appreciate until you are there.

It’s hard work but we all love it.

For me in team 7, I had on the evening 6 different costume changes, and although difficult at times, I managed to hit my stage entrances on time, so I am more than happy with that.

The Kynren show as we the cast and crew know is outstanding, year on year it continues to go up levels, the newer scenes, I too am yet to physically see but I know about them, and I know that they are outstanding, performed by outstanding people.

Within this blog I don’t often talk about the show, I talk about the emotional process of volunteering, and today will be no different.

Last night was press night and I’ll leave the reviews of the show to the professionals.

What I will say though is, it is a complete honour to stand beside many people who have come together for a common cause, to help develop an idea, a project, into a world class show.

Throughout the first two years, Kynren has welcomed thousands of visitors from far and wide.

Within the town of Bishop Auckland and County Durham to many from across the UK and abroad.

Throughout the summer I expect we’ll welcome thousands more, who will arrive with excitement and leave in awe, with an underlying sense of pride.

We all help and support each other through it, lots of encouragement and positivity.

And where would we all be without the crew that the visitors may not see.

From the costume teams helping us change in between scenes, to the go team keeping us safe when there is so much going on and off stage behind the scenes.

I already know that the Experience team will give you all the biggest and most friendliest of welcomes, as I once had the pleasure of wearing those red jackets.

And from there the crew that you don’t see, the tech team, the props team the pyro team, the divers, operations and even the first aid team, each individual deserves that finale bow as much as anyone else does.

We are all one on this project, we each play our parts, and together we create something not only unique, but simply something exceptional.

Kynren’s first show of seventeen live performances this summer takes place on Saturday 30th June.

For more information or to book tickets please visit Kynren’s website:


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Tonight’s The Night!


I could have written this article many times over during this week, but I purposely held off until today to write it.

Tonight sees Kynren host the press, alongside many local residents and Archers; family and friends.

The weather forecast today isn’t exactly ideal for those that will be sitting in the tribune to watch the show this evening, but believe me Kynren sparkles even more than it possibly could, if it rains.

No matter the weather, you will witness an incredible show, that will leave you in complete awe, appreciation and proudness.

For me, this week, I’ve been a ‘ball of nervous excitement’, reading my blogs back against season 1, that’s exactly how I was going into this day three years ago.

I wanted to do well, I wanted to turn all my knowledge from training into practice, and today is absolutely no different.


I’ve taken the time this week to speak to many different volunteers who have taken part in the cast before.

I have asked how it felt, or if  they were nervous.

I fondly remember each of those shows during the first season, I wasn’t there to witness what each of them did, or what they saw, but I got to experience their emotions, their success, and their joy.

Tonight it’s my turn to hopefully witness what they saw, and feel every single emotion that they’ve felt.

Half of me is calm, more calm today now the day is here, but equally there is a part of me that is scared, and I’m not afraid to admit that.

Being part of the show team is exciting, it’s rewarding, and you learn so much about your own capabilities, but equally in turn, I’ve discovered it’s very much, so out of my own comfort zone.

I’m glad I’ve taken the opportunity to experience it all though, because it has shown me that if you are willing to try, and work hard, anything can be achieved with self dedication and great support and encouragement around you.

Waking up today doesn’t feel as nerve wrecking as I thought it was going to be, although this week I’ve been on edge.

I always say to others that ‘nerves are good, it shows you that you care’, I care, I don’t want to let anyone down, but equally I know I’ve been trained by the best, supported by a loyal community of Archers, and all we need to do now is go out there and deliver.

And deliver, we will.



Tonight obviously sees the mainstream press in attendance, television, radio and newspapers, alongside many bloggers and photographers.

It’s a big night and an exciting one too.

Kynren is a live outdoor show, with 1,000 strong cast and crew, that will take visitors on a breath-taking time travel adventure through 2,000 years of history, myth and legend.

But Kynren is more than just what you will see on that stage tonight.

Kynren is the heartbeat of a developing community, the warmth and friendliness that each volunteer brings, it lights up the hearts of every visitor to the site.

Each smile, lights the next one, so much so it becomes infectious.

I’ve said it many times throughout this blog that Kynren has been a game changer for many people in this community, especially for me.

I’ve learnt so much about myself, I’ve learnt so much about others too.

I’ve learnt that hidden talents can lie hidden amongst us, but until we try, and challenge ourselves we may never know what we each are capable of.

I know teamwork makes the dream work, by working alongside likeminded people dreams are no longer dreams they can and do become a reality.

3 years ago, maybe a little bit longer, no one could have really envisioned what we have all collectively created.

Tonight’s the night and the Archers are going to put on a show that you will never want to forget.

We’ll see you on the other side.

Kynren’s first show of seventeen live performances this summer takes place on Saturday 30th June.

For more information or to book tickets please visit Kynren’s website:


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Good Luck Archers


Tonight marks the highly anticipated return of Kynren, in the first live public performance in front of the press.

Both local and national press will be in attendance, and it would come as no surprise if some were international too.

With television, radio, newspapers and bloggers in attendance, alongside what is also classed as a friends, family and local residents night, the excitement is already building on what will be another fantastic spectacle.

All the training is done, all the rehearsals too, and for the newer volunteers tonight marks the very start of their journey of a truly wonderful Summer.

They’ll be nerves, but they are good, it shows you that you care.


I remember it all too well from this time last year, and without any question it will be something that I will miss this time around.

As documented through this blog over the last few entries, I reluctantly decided to take a break whilst I recover from my health reasons.

And to be honest it’s helped, as most people who know me, they have seen a development of change within me since becoming diagnosed with depression in November.

Although Kynren was a positive within my life, I needed to strip back everything to work on what would help me to get better.

I was even asked again this week if I was making a return as my progress has been so good.

But Season 2, will definitely pass me by, and for me personally, it’s still the correct decision, no matter how jealous I am of everyone who is participating in the project this season.

So what’s new in Season 2?

Lots, I did all of the training before I decided to take a break, and although I’m not going to reveal any details, all I will say is take note of everything going on, on the stage, and don’t blink otherwise you’ll definitely miss something.

“We went last year, why should we go back?”

Why should you go back? Because remember how much you loved it last year, remember how you’ve never seen anything like it before, live, in the North East of England, performed by volunteers, who do it for the love of the project, the love of the town, and the love of the people.

Remember the Experience team, the red jackets and the warm and inviting welcome.


Remember the beautiful  wild flowers as you walked down our zigzagging pathway towards the village.


Remember the exhilarating performance, the shivers on your neck, the lump in your throats.

Remember the look in your children’s eyes as they awed in the spectacle, and realised History and Performing Arts is cool.


Remember the fireworks, the crashes, the bangs that topped off your night, and this image that rounded off a truly magical performance that long lives in your memories.

Remember it all, let yourself be taken back, back to the night that you witnessed Kynren, the envy of your friends, the envy of your family.

And book your tickets again to witness the best live show the UK will see again this Summer.

To find out more information or to book your tickets please visit the Eleven Arches website:


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Eleven Arches Press Day

So it’s been 2/3 weeks since my last blog post and whilst I may have been quiet, the Kynren site certainly hasn’t.

During w/c 20th March, not only have the volunteers been training hard in preparation for the shows in a variety of different scenes, including for me;

* Archery refresher training, in preparation to be confident with the bow and flaming arrows come show nights.

* Learning new choreography for scenes of the Norman conquest.

* The Georgian Harvest.

* Drummers and Bagpipes.

* WWI Soldiers

Amongst many more.

Each training session with various different choreographed moves, that not only does each volunteer  have to work hard to learn, but also remember.

There is a lot to go through, and understandably so, after all this is a World Class show, that has and will be visited by visitors Worldwide.

During this week, as you may have already seen, it was Eleven Arches press day, whereby they invited local and national news outlets to have a look around not only the Kynren site, but to also drop in on a training session or two, whilst also talking to some of the staff and volunteers.


Photos courtesy by The Northern Echo. http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk

Above I was captured trying out my sword skills in a refresher session in preparation for further combat training later that evening.

I have to say it’s quite nerve wracking to go through a sequence of moves when not only the cameras are on you but when many eyes are too.

You get a sense of what it will be like come show night when you are performing to sell out shows, just like all the first year’s volunteers experienced last year.

Amongst The Northern Echo, both BBC Look North and ITV Tyne Tees were in attendance alongside many other local broadcasters and media outlets.

As the first show date is fast approaching each volunteer knows the magnitude of what is expected of them, to not only attend these training sessions, but to take what they have learnt away with them and practice, and practice until it becomes part of their memory.

More exciting times are now just a mere few months away.

Have you booked your tickets for Season 2?

For more information please visit Eleven Arches website: http://www.elevenarches.org/


Saturday 18th June – Press Night

With only 2 weeks to go before the live shows, tonight of all nights was extremely important as a number of television crews, reporters, journalists and bloggers were arriving at the site to review what Kynren was all about.

Was there nerves, of course there was, but nerves of excitement, and nerves are good it shows a person cares about what they are doing.

It was a big night, as a large team of volunteers in whichever roles we had been chosen, we were ready, as I often say more than ready, the show as we know is excellent, and with the added extras of the pyrotechnics and fireworks its going to take it not from amazing and magnificent but seriously beyond that WOW!!! factor.

And it did, the crew were great, all doing their jobs from welcoming the many guests into the site, and the cast, well wow!!! the cast are very impressive as all of the newspaper articles and television coverage presented.

From the aftermath of the night, the following week was just volunteers sharing press articles and reports, another one to see every day, the pictures looked stunning.

Not long to go now!!!

To learn more about the project or book tickets please visit Eleven Arches website and Facebook pages.