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Eleven Arches Press Day

So it’s been 2/3 weeks since my last blog post and whilst I may have been quiet, the Kynren site certainly hasn’t.

During w/c 20th March, not only have the volunteers been training hard in preparation for the shows in a variety of different scenes, including for me;

* Archery refresher training, in preparation to be confident with the bow and flaming arrows come show nights.

* Learning new choreography for scenes of the Norman conquest.

* The Georgian Harvest.

* Drummers and Bagpipes.

* WWI Soldiers

Amongst many more.

Each training session with various different choreographed moves, that not only does each volunteer  have to work hard to learn, but also remember.

There is a lot to go through, and understandably so, after all this is a World Class show, that has and will be visited by visitors Worldwide.

During this week, as you may have already seen, it was Eleven Arches press day, whereby they invited local and national news outlets to have a look around not only the Kynren site, but to also drop in on a training session or two, whilst also talking to some of the staff and volunteers.


Photos courtesy by The Northern Echo. http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk

Above I was captured trying out my sword skills in a refresher session in preparation for further combat training later that evening.

I have to say it’s quite nerve wracking to go through a sequence of moves when not only the cameras are on you but when many eyes are too.

You get a sense of what it will be like come show night when you are performing to sell out shows, just like all the first year’s volunteers experienced last year.

Amongst The Northern Echo, both BBC Look North and ITV Tyne Tees were in attendance alongside many other local broadcasters and media outlets.

As the first show date is fast approaching each volunteer knows the magnitude of what is expected of them, to not only attend these training sessions, but to take what they have learnt away with them and practice, and practice until it becomes part of their memory.

More exciting times are now just a mere few months away.

Have you booked your tickets for Season 2?

For more information please visit Eleven Arches website: http://www.elevenarches.org/


Saturday 18th June – Press Night

With only 2 weeks to go before the live shows, tonight of all nights was extremely important as a number of television crews, reporters, journalists and bloggers were arriving at the site to review what Kynren was all about.

Was there nerves, of course there was, but nerves of excitement, and nerves are good it shows a person cares about what they are doing.

It was a big night, as a large team of volunteers in whichever roles we had been chosen, we were ready, as I often say more than ready, the show as we know is excellent, and with the added extras of the pyrotechnics and fireworks its going to take it not from amazing and magnificent but seriously beyond that WOW!!! factor.

And it did, the crew were great, all doing their jobs from welcoming the many guests into the site, and the cast, well wow!!! the cast are very impressive as all of the newspaper articles and television coverage presented.

From the aftermath of the night, the following week was just volunteers sharing press articles and reports, another one to see every day, the pictures looked stunning.

Not long to go now!!!

To learn more about the project or book tickets please visit Eleven Arches website and Facebook pages.