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The Comeback Is Always Stronger Than The Setback

This blog is written about a personal journey, one that some people relate too, some identify with, and some that I know read and feel inspired by.

A number of articles telling a story all on its own, often not dissimilar to that of young Arther traveling back in time throughout the years of Kynren.

For I, Kynren has shown me things too that I didn’t realise existed.

Kynren has shown me many things within my character, strengthened my good qualities to make them great qualities.

Kynren has put me on a pathway to discover riches far greater than money could ever reward you with.

It’s given me a starting passion, and then on to write, to love, to believe, to look ahead, to dream!

And with that dream big, to challenge myself knowing that anything and every challenge is achievable, because now I have a stronger character, I have spirit and heart, a determination like none other to succeed and succeed as well as can.

And like the title of this entry tells you; ‘The comeback is always stronger than the setback’.

My setback came 2 weeks ago.

It’s not uncommon to know people get nervous through performance.

I certainly do, even as I write this I can see ahead from the experiences I have taken week in week out to know what is ahead of me, another Kynren show.

You would think it would get easier on your nerves the more times you undertake a role, but for me it feels like it gets worse every single time.

How can someone who appears calm and in control go from that moment to standing stage side lining up for their first scene whereby their heart is pounding out of their chests, their anxiety is screaming out at you not to go on, your legs feel like jelly and you could easily be sick at any moment, and then you go and do what we are each trained to do.

There’s an answer somewhere to that question but I can’t answer it, somehow I just do it.

What I will say is my strength comes from those people around me, the choreography teams to the Archers themselves in all teams, my strength comes from those people and my test of character comes from deep within me.

2 weeks ago I probably had my worst show since joining the cast, that show was my 19th public performance.

I came away from that show disappointed and angry with myself.

Nothing too much to the watching eye went wrong, but as performers and that’s what we are each Saturday night, you know within your own personal perspective how it went.

My nerves got the better of me, and all though I recovered, I was still rattled by it.

It happens.

Small margins between doing something great or just doing something.

For me now, good isn’t enough, my expectations of my own personal performance are high.

And that’s how they should be, I want to learn and keep learning in order to keep gaining knowledge and expertise, by doing so you can get better and improve.

Tonight is my chance is prove to myself that I am capable enough to share a stage with some of the best people you could ever wish to meet.

And when I say stage, I don’t just mean what each visitor sees when they take their seats, the sun goes down and the performance starts.

I mean the Kynren stage from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

We are all performers!

We all perform in our chosen tasks to do the best we can in every situation, to be helpful and supportive, to encourage and share strength and resilience with each other.

So right now, just a little after 2pm, and from the comfort of my own bed with the curtains still drawn, I can hear heavy rain pouring down.

Does that faze me?

Not in the slightest…

What does faze me is not being good enough.

Not being able to get a handle on my emotions, despite knowing that past the nerves comes the elation, that we do this! Each of us Archers playing our roles to work hard for each other to make Kynren everything that we once hoped it could be.

Kynren allows you to dream, because Kynren shows you first-hand and in every single moment everything is possible.

Because Kynren is living proof of this!

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Preparation is Everything

Last weekend saw the very first public performance of the summer spectacular Kynren.

And what a performance it was!

As it always is.

I’m a firm believer that nerves are a good sign in everything that you do, it shows you deep down that you care, and everyone needs to be challenged to show themselves exactly what you are capable of.

Kynren offers this feeling for me, a knot deep within my core, that sense of anxiety, my body screaming at me not to do what we are about to do.

But for all the first scene nerves I have, yes not first night nerves, first scene nerves.

Each and every show, it doesn’t matter what role I’m in, cast or crew, I have a build-up of nervous energy that I need to release, my heart rate must be through the roof.

And for me, tonight will be no different, once you are out there, once you’ve come through your first scene, that anxiety is replaced by a euphoric pride and passion to express yourself and showcase all the wonderful training and guidance we constantly receive.

Tonight sees the Archers return to the Kynren site to perform on this amazing stage for show number 2.

But how do we prepare for a show of such magnitude?

No doubt in a varied array of ways.

My preparation differs week by week, but today, I’ve woken up early, done some work, both for my daytime job alongside jobs within my house.

I’ve thought should I, or should I not write a new article, it’s something I think about constantly, and today’s title wasn’t even in my thought process until 10 minutes ago.

I’ve recharged my body, by having a power nap for the last couple of hours too.

We have to look after our bodies as well as our minds to condition ourselves for the task ahead.

Putting on a performance the world will be proud of as well as knowing we have smashed another show right out of the park.

If you haven’t been yet and read these articles or have only just stumbled across them, we look forward to welcoming you, if it’s not tonight, I know when the time is right for you we’ll see you there!

Kynren may be entering into it’s 4th season but it’s here to stay.

It’s a show like none other you have ever seen before, to participate it in gives you a overriding warm feeling.

To watch it… wow… it’s incredible!

Something I personally need to watch again this season to truly appreciate every single person’s efforts to get us to this stage.

Like all of my articles I seem to get distracted and go off in a number of different directions when writing.

I spoke about preparation.

Right now as I write this article, I’m sat up in bed, music blearing, it keeps me calm, it gives me energy, it’s building me up to get in the zone to do what I do, what we do!

Find our marks, game face on, go out and deliver, to put on a truly majestic performance to captivate our audience, tonight and every show night throughout this summer and beyond.

Behind the scenes I like to think I’m seen as a calming influence, someone playful, very much in the mix for bringing humour even if at times it’s directed at myself.

After all you should see me in some of my costumes haha

If wearing a wig brings laughter, the belly laughs that are produced from wearing bright white stockings is worth seeing or possibly not 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

And once again I digress.

My preparation is everything, the choreography is memorised, bring on the music, bring on the show!

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Kynren Fit Club

I often talk about how it feels to be in Kynren from my own personal experience.

The feelings that are brought about from being a part of this project, from first deciding to join to current day and all the ins and outs in between.

The highs of euphoric roars and standing ovations from show night finales.

Or the lows of a throughly enjoyable season coming to a close.

The new friendships and tight bonds which each of us have created which helps to give Kynren the overwhelming feel of family.

Of course that helps with your social life too, I’ve already been asked if I fancy a beer or two after Saturday nights rehearsal, but we still need to complete both Friday and Saturday’s rehearsals yet. 🙂

Of course I’ll go though, when do I not.

Today I want to talk about something else.

This article is titled ‘Kynren Fit Club’ and although there is no official club, not as far as I’m aware anyway, there are many opportunities to gain fitness by joining the project.

It’s another reason why I’m coming back, although not one of the main reasons.

During Season 1, going back to 2016, even thinking about that date, we have all collectively come a long way, I know I have.

I decided after deliberating for a while, (sounds familiar about me right), to obt to join the Experience Team after first commiting to join the Show Team.

I was positioned in what we know as Colliery Fields, to any visitors you may remember it as car park: Green.

Despite some challenging experiences I remember it fondly too, it helped to shape the person I am today.

My feet and health app remember it more.

During some of those show nights I walked around 25-30 miles per day.

Talk about step counts, absolutely through the roof.

Last year I finally took the step to join the show team and if I’m totally honest I still don’t know how I did what I did, everything still feels a little surreal, especially the scenes I was involved in with fire.

Backstage can be manic on show nights, all cast in numerous scenes.

I think I could give Usain Bolt a run for his money running between scenes in wellington boots.

Kynren certainly helps you to get fit or fitter.

However there are many roles to suit everyone’s ability.

I’m back (again) from tomorrow night, hoping to pick back up where I left off.

But mostly I’m coming back to learn, to reassure anyone if I can, to be inspired and to have some fun.

Bring on the hard work and the rehearsals!

The first live show takes place on Saturday 29th June.

For more information or to book tickets please visit Kynren’s website:


To read more about Kynren and what it is like to be a part of the cast and crew on the project, please visit the Kynren Blog Facebook page:


Camp Kynren


And so it starts all over again.

On Monday 13th February I attended the first volunteer group training session aptly named ‘Camp Kynren’ which will be run across the next couple of weeks in which all 1500 volunteers will attend.


At this stage I’m not about to go into any real details and spoil it for the remaining volunteers who have yet to go, but what I will say it’s very informative and lots of fun.

I’ve mentioned many times before how special and how warm a feeling you have when you arrive back to the Kynren site, it just has this magic about itself that you can’t help but feel excited and smile both inwardly and outwardly.

Add that feeling with coming together with a large group of volunteers, some of which you know, some that incredibly you’re only meeting for the first time, and then making introductions with the brand new Archers that are keen and excited to join you on this incredible journey into Kynren, Season 2.

Season 2 has been a long time coming for many an Archer, most haven’t been back to the site since the tree planting day at the end last year, whilst some may not have even had an opportunity since the final show back in September.

It was a rollacoaster of a ride of a Summer, I definitely have the bug, and one I was keen to continue on.

This year as I mentioned in previous blogs I have moved from the Experience Team which has given me so much grounding and a great overall view of the Kynren project, where I worked alongside so many fantastic people and also had the amazing opportunity to meet, greet and speak to so many visitors to our shows.

It has been an amazing experience just to learn how Kynren has been received both from pre and post shows, it will long live as a special moment, one that I will relive through these blogs as a lasting memory.

So Good Luck to all the Experience Team heading into Season 2, each of you are a credit to each other and the project.

I will be very jealous of not being able to wear the famous red jacket but each time I see it will spark hundreds of memories, smiles and laughter in the process.

So, to the show team…

After Monday night I did have to question my sanity, after a brief exercise of co-ordination skills and movement I finally understood what all of my friends had been telling me for years.

I don’t have any 😄

Much work ahead for me, but one I’m looking forward too.

The performing, the standing ovations, they will be outstanding in their own right but it’s not everything that I’m looking forward too.

I’m looking forward to challenging myself, taking myself out of a slight personal comfort zone, adapting myself, learning new skills, and learning from the best, our choreographers and our first season Archers.

And one thing for certain is I’ll work myself hard, not just because that’s my way, because I now have a moral responsibility not just to myself but to all my fellow teammates right across the full project and to the paying visitors that come far and wide across every corner of the globe.

Throughout my blogs, the common denominator is the people, I’m proud of them all.

Without any of them we wouldn’t be where we are today, look back on what we all achieved, look onwards another 12 months and dare to dream, but in our cases live out the reality.

Kynren Season 2, is going to be Epic, we’d love you to be a part of it, there are 17 shows this year starting on Saturday 1st July running until Saturday 16th September.

For further information or to book your tickets please head over the Eleven Arches website here: http://www.elevenarches.org